All instructors are paid according to the formula below, except for

All instructors are paid according to the formula below, except for those on contract through
Community Education’s special programs and “community” programs. In order to allow more
flexibility in setting class minimums and maximums, instructors are paid on a percentage rate.
Instructors will receive 40% of the revenue from attending students, plus any supply fees they
requested per student, if applicable.
Here’s how it works:
A. Determine Pricing
Current rate is $8.00 per hour of the course plus an additional $5.00 added to the
hourly rate.
B. Implement formula to determine pay scale and budget.
a. Use formula to determine instructor pay:
i. 60% - JWCC Administrative Costs (includes 20% marketing costs)
ii. 40% - Instructor Pay
C. Agree on program attendance maximum and minimum and prepare agreement for
(Please note: Community Education has set a six person minimum for all
courses. If a class has 6 students enrolled you will be expected to teach. If
enrollment for your course is below 6 students, you have the option of
teaching or cancelling the class).
Example of Percentage Payment Schedule:
Course Title: ABC Course
Course enrollment: 9 students
Course Times: 4 nights/2 hours each night
Here’s how you figure your pay:
8 clock-hour course @ $8.00 per hour
Plus additional $5.00 fee
$69.00 course (what the public will pay to take the course)
Overall Program Revenue:
9 students X $69.00 =
JWCC Administrative Cost (60%)
*Instructor Pay (40%)
$ 372.60
*Instructor pay with 9 students = $248.40 or $31.05 per hour for an 8 clock-hour course.
(Note: The amount is based on the course fee and the number of students.)
Class Supplies/Fees: You are able to set appropriate supply fees should your class require particular
supplies. You have several options: 1.) you may collect a supply fee from each student during the first
class meeting; 2.) JWCC can collect the supply fee during registration and include it as part of your pay;
3.) you can provide a supply list for students to provide their own supplies.