Role Description Title: Analytical Chemist Section: Analytical

Role Description
Analytical Chemist
Analytical Function
Reports to:
Analytical Function Leader
Analytical Chemist
Position Summary:
The Analytical Chemist works as a member of a team to carry out processes such as
analysis, analytical method development, purification, sample preparation and QC,
etc within the analytical function.
Key Responsibilities:
Work in a safe and responsible manner, abiding by the COSHH regulations
and maintaining a high level of tidiness.
To be familiar with all relevant analytical techniques, including, method
development. troubleshooting and instrument maintenance skills, as required
for company through on the job training and external courses where
appropriate. Techniques to include, but not exhaustive: HPLC, MS, LC-MS,
prep LC, NMR, FT-IR, TLC, UV-Vis and optical rotation.
Develop robust and reproducible analytical methods
Work to maximise productivity and meet targets and deadlines.
Maintain a high standard of laboratory work with regard to both practical
output and documentation.
Carry out stability studies
Providing support and/or ensuring that the following processes are
maintained (using either technical support or providing cover themselves if
o Restocking of screening sets.
o Freeze dry products, either individually or to prepare screening sets.
o Maintain stocks of products requiring freeze drying, dissolution in
ethanol etc ensuring they are stored under appropriate conditions.
o Maintain accurate records of product weighing’s conducted and bulk
stock remaining.
o Acquire Quality Control and solubility data as required.
All other duties as required.
Role Description – ACH111
June 2011
Specific Competencies:
 Good team working and communication skills.
 Ability to manage time to maximise productivity.
 Ability to quickly and accurately conduct required Quality Control tests.
 Ability to conduct initial assessment of Quality Control / analytical data, re-rerun analyses if necessary
 Safe and responsible working manner in laboratory areas.
 Attention to detail and accuracy of recording information.
 Awareness of commercial importance of products and ability to plan and
prioritise work accordingly.
Main Contacts:
 Analytical Function Leader for support/assistance/authorisation.
 Other analysts for support/assistance/advice.
 Technical Staff for general support and services.
 Health and Safety Administrator.
 Chemistry Manager for advice/information/assistance.
 Chemists for advice/information/assistance.
 Supply Chain team.
 Stock Control.
Role Description – ACH111
June 2011