General Statement Energy and Resource Conservation Policy

General Statement
Energy and Resource Conservation Policy
Colorcon, Global
Colorcon is committed to reducing its impact on the environment at all of its worldwide facilities.
To that end, a multidisciplinary Energy and Resource Conservation Council has worked since 2008 on reducing
usage of energy and other resources. The main elements to the program are:
Procuring energy and energy-efficient products and services through a careful and controlled review of
Encouraging more energy efficient working practices through education and engagement with our
Reviewing all of our existing energy consumption, obtaining professional guidance to examine the same,
and then taking corrective, prioritized action, to achieve reductions in usage.
This involves implementing heat recovery systems; more efficient lighting, motion-activated and natural
light level sensors instead of manual switches; building management systems to regulate energy usage,
energy efficient motors, and reduced waste of compressed air.
Worldwide, these efforts have brought about recurring annual savings of 1600 tonnes of carbon emissions,
which amounts to taking 320 automobiles out of service.
Designing new Colorcon facilities to include resource-efficient operations; from HVAC to compressed air to
lighting and water usage. The Corporate headquarters which opened in fall 2009, is certified with Gold
status under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
Ongoing installation of sophisticated sub-metering systems throughout our worldwide facilities to assist in
the identification of areas of wastage.
Leveraging best industry practices.
Ensuring that recycling programs are in place wherever resources exist locally to receive and handle the
resulting waste streams.
Constant monitoring of the ever-changing energy sector and ensuring that all innovations and revisions are
reviewed and implemented where practical.
Improved cleaning practices, which are more efficient and use lower quantities of water and cleaning
This is a statement of Colorcon’s current policy and is subject to change without prior notice.
The information contained in this document is proprietary to Colorcon and may not be used or disseminated inappropriately.
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