Revu Tutorial: Stamps


Revu Tutorial: Stamps

Stamps are an important part of many workflows, so to make creating and editing stamps easier than ever

Revu 10 includes the capability to use PDF stamps. To create a custom stamp, just follow these steps.

Creating a New Stamp

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On the Command Bar, click Markup , then click Stamp .

On the Stamp menu, click Create Stamp...

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In the Create Stamp dialog, enter a name for the stamp in the Subject field, then choose a Template (for example, Text with Date and Border) to determine the initial look of the new stamp.

Define the size and appearance settings, then click OK .

A new Stamp Editor tab will open in Revu. Once here, you can select the elements of the existing stamp and revise as needed.

Use the markup tools as you would in any PDF to create your own personal stamp. Import images of your logo, signature or any other element you want included. Doubleclick any of the default markups to change the text.


Adding Dynamic Elements

Double-click any text field to enable editing. Once editing is enabled, a floating Dynamic menu appears. Click this menu to select from a list of dynamically-generated data options. These are inserted in the text in the format &[Dynamic] . When you place a stamp with one of these operators, the information

(such as date, time, or user) will be automatically determined by Revu and burned into the stamp.

Saving the Stamp


When you are finished designing your stamp, click Save .

Placing the Stamp

Now you can click Markup > Stamp and choose your stamp from the list. You'll notice that older BRX stamps and new

PDF stamps show up side by side in the Stamps menu; this ensures that you can continue to use any stamps made with previous versions of the Stamp Editor while allowing new stamps to be made in this simpler and more powerful way.


Click on the document to place the stamp.

In this example, the dynamic Date and Time fields have been automatically filled.

To change where Revu saves your stamps, click Change Stamp Folder on the Stamp menu.