Syllabus4916 Lab Assistant Kruger

Chemistry 4916/4917
Laboratory Assistant
Fall 2014
Mr. John Kruger
214 Rogers Hall
Office Hours 8:30-9:30 W,F and 1:00-2:00 M-F or by
867-2917 (probably the best way to reach me)
Dependent on section assigned
1. Modular Laboratory Program in Chemistry, ed. H. A.
Neidig 1211, 1212 or 1151.
Prerequisites: Completion of lab student will be working in with a C or higher
and instructors approval
Corequisites: None
Course Description: Student supervises, teaches, grades and manages a
chemistry lab section.
Course Objectives: Students will be able to manage a laboratory section and
explain topics being covered to other students
Methods of Instruction: Reading, discussion and hands on lab work
Supervision and management of the lab 70%
Prelab discussion
Grading Policies:
1. Supervision and lab management – This portion of the grade will be
based on timeliness, completeness of administration (all labs checkedin, prelabs returned, notebooks signed, etc.), understanding of the labs
being conducted, ability to assist students in completing their labs, and
enforcement of the laboratories safety policies.
2. Prelab discussion – This portion of the grade will be based on my
observation of the TA’s conduct of at least one prelab discussion. I will
be looking for complete and concise explanation of the following:
a. Theory behind the experiment being conducted
b. Experimentall procedure being used (focus on changes
from what is in the lab packet)
c. Safety issues of concern in conducting this lab and
measures being taken to mitigate these risks.
3. Grading – TAs will be required to grade at least one set of lab reports.
Grade will be assigned based on reports being completely graded and
submitted to me in a timely fashion.
General Expectations:
- absence/attendance policy IAW University Policy
- class withdrawal policy IAW University Policy
- classroom participation policy Works as part of lab group
Lab Schedule
IAW lab being supervised (1211L and 1212L attached)
Academic Integrity Policy:
- Honor Code: “On my honor, I will not lie, cheat, steal, plagiarize, evade
the truth, or tolerate those who do.”
Suspected violations of the Academic Integrity policy should be referred by
students to the instructor. If the instructor concludes that a violation of the
Academic Integrity policy has occurred, the instructor will either (1) penalize the
student and file an incident report with the Academic Integrity Council or (2) refer
the matter directly to the Academic Integrity Council. If an incident report is filed
by the instructor, the instructor will review the completed report with the student
and will request that the student sign the report as an indication that the student
is aware of the contents of the report
- Electronic methods of detecting plagiarism may be used.
Course Evaluation:
Class evaluations at NGCSU are now conducted on-line through Banner.
Evaluation of the class is considered a component of the course and students will
not be permitted to access their course grade until the evaluation has been
completed. The evaluations will be accessible beginning one week prior to Final
Exam week.
Academic Integrity:
You have all agreed to abide by the universities academic integrity
policies. All work you submit must be your own. Any one found cheating on any
assignment or exam will receive an F for the course and be referred to the
academic integrity committee for possible further punishment. Note plagiarism
technology will be used in this course.
North Georgia College & State University is committed to equal access to its
programs, services, and activities for people with disabilities. If you believe that
you have a disability requiring an accommodation, reasonable prior notice needs
to be given to the instructor and the Office of Student Disability Resources. In
this case, contact Thomas McCoy, Director of Student Disabilities Services, in the
Stewart Student Success Center, Room 313 (706 867 2782).