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Issue No: 9 – 1 August, 2016


1-15 August

Year 12 Trials

8-9 August

Prefect Camp

16 August

Rugby Dinner

18 August

Prefect Induction

23 August

Evening of Music

30 August

Art Exhibition Opening Night

TAS Expo

31 August

Year 12 Graduation Dinner

5 September

P&C Meeting

Year 11 Exams begin

21 September

Year 12 Community Concert

22 September

Year 12 Farewell Assembly

23 September

End of Term 3

10 October

Students return Term 4

From the Principal - Tim O’Brien

Queen’s Scout Award

A huge congratulations to our Year 12 student Patrick

Fordham, for receiving the Queen's Scout award. The award has an outstanding status within Scouting and the


To achieve this prestigious award, a Venturer Scout must be able to set a goal; plan progress towards that goal; organise himself and others; and maintain the determination to overcome difficulties and complete the task.

Principal Tim O’Brien with Patrick

They must also have achieved the Venturing Skills Award and complete the requirements in four award areas: Adventurous Activities; Community

Involvement; Leadership Development; and Personal Growth.

Each year only a few Venturer Scouts achieve this prestigious award, which is presented by the Governor and Chief Scout of New South Wales, as a representative of the Queen, at

Government House. Well done, Patrick.

Congratulations to Joshua Chan , one of our Year 12 Music Extension students, who performed at the Ryde Eisteddfod and achieved 1st place in the 15 Years and above Woodwind and Brass Solo. Joshua was also awarded 3rd place in the Sydney Eisteddfod for his Flute solo performance in the 25 Years and under category. This is outstanding as he performed against tertiary trained performers.

Our next newsletter will contain the comprehensive wrap up of the eisteddfod season. Our musical ensembles and choir have done very well and we look forward to sharing their results with you.

Max Potential

Joshua Chan

Two students from Year 11 at Epping Boys, Anurag Y and Sathindar W, participated in the

Epping-Ryde program “Max Potential”.

The Max Potential project is a program that offers 22 weeks of personal leadership development, including coaching, to young leaders from schools, and the community, to help them maximise their potential during the final years at school, and beyond. It also encourages students to focus on the local community and ways that they can work to improve it.

The boys presented their work at a showcase hosted by the Epping Club on Thursday 28

July with students from other schools in the area. Congratulations boys.

Mr de la Pena with Anurag and Sathindar

At our P&C meeting ( tonight - 1 August ) we will discuss 2 Motions on Notice:

That the P&C allocate up to $80,000 for the construction of a covered outdoor learning area in the Year 8 area.

That the P&C allocate up to $29,260 to match grant funding application to replace cricket nets in 2017.

We are also pleased to announce that the Amenities Block, for the Sports Fields is nearing completion. Once it is complete we will display some photos in the newsletter.

Meeting dates for 2016 are: 7.30 pm on Monday nights – 1 st

August, 5 th

September, 7 th

November, and 5 th

December. All parents and carers are welcome. Meetings are held in the Common Room, B Block. Susan Day , P &C President—0418 213 212


Deputy Principal - Senior School – Ian Lowcock

Year 10 : In Term 2, Year 10 undertook a careers assessment test which gave them guidance as to the careers that best suit their interests and skills. A short career workshop followed in the last few weeks of term before the boys received their detailed

Subject Selection Information booklets.

The first week of this term has seen the parents/student information night, where attendees were given details of BOSTES requirements of Stage 6. The expectations of Epping Boys in the 2017/2018 Preliminary and HSC cohort were discussed and Mrs

Ramsay, the Careers Advisor, spoke on various options of study. Ms Kathryn, Head Teacher CaPA and in charge of timetabling, spoke on how to make the online choices and the importance of preferences. Parents/students then had the opportunity to speak informally with head teachers and various specialist subject representatives on their respective subject areas.

During Week 2 of this term, every boy in Year 10 (and parents if they wished) had the opportunity to book personal interviews with selected members of staff about their choices, options and any concerns they may have had, as well as the opportunity to speak with the Careers Advisor about future career options or patterns of study.

Every attempt has been made to help the boys and parents make informed choices on their future studies and I’d like to thank everyone involved for their contribution.

Year 11 : We have now completed over 22 weeks of 30 in the Preliminary Course studies. Year 11 exams are September 5 to

September 16. Following the exams, the boys will need to consider their pathway of study for the HSC course. This may involve choosing further extension courses, reducing the number of units studied or enrolling in school-based apprenticeship training.

Thursday of Week 1, as is our tradition, saw our Prefect Elections held. A fine group of young men has been selected to lead the school in 2016/2017. Congratulations to all boys elected. I’m sure there will be more information given on this in another part of the newsletter.

The newly elected Prefects’ first duty was in the role of traffic controllers, toilet chaperones, ushers, signage placement officers, baby sitters, school information officers and crowd controllers with the Opportunity Class placement tests on Wednesday of

Week 2. This was a very valuable experience for the boys, and all done with smiles on their faces, on only their fourth day on the job as Prefects-Elect. Week 4 will see the boys go into a 2-day camp to elect their leaders during their term of office. There is a fine selection of possibilities with such quality elected and this will be a difficult task.

Year 12 : The 2016 Trial HSC exams commenced today, August 1 and will run until August 15. I wish all the boys the best of luck in these significant and demanding exams. This is their last opportunity to improve or consolidate their school-based marks (50% of the HSC mark). I’m sure all boys will attempt to live up to the school motto of “Strive to Achieve” in the true EBHS tradition of giving everything your best try.

General : On Tuesday 26 July I had the pleasure to attend the Drama Night featuring the talent and skills of our drama boys.

Organised by, Ms Coleman, our drama teacher, and a willing band of supporters, the audience were treated to some varied entertainment. The audience had the opportunity to witness some of the Year 12 monologues and group performances prior to their HSC practical performance. Some hidden talents were definitely revealed. Well done to all concerned.


Year 12 Graduation Dinner

An evening of celebration for Year 12 students, Parents/Carers & Staff

Wednesday 31 August 6.30pm start. The Epping Club

Sit- down three course Dinner in the Grand Ballroom

Special gift presented to each Year 12 student on the night.

Booking forms available from Ms Horstead.

Payment with form to School Office - DEADLINE Friday 5 August

2 x $80 Epping Club Terrace Restaurant Vouchers - Drawn on the night .

Thank you to those who have already purchased tickets.

Your tickets will be available to collect from the school closer to event (see next school newsletter)

URGENT REMINDER- Anyone with Seating Requests:

DEADLINE to return Seating request forms - Friday 5 August!

Return to Renee Simon email: thespdco@bigpond.net.au mobile: 0402-546-792 or: to Fiona

Frank, School Office

Seating preferences cannot be guaranteed for forms received after this date

Seating request forms available from Ms Horstead

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Deputy Principal Middle School - Ralph David

Positive Behaviour for Learning

The school values have now been described in the classroom and across all settings within the school. Lessons are being developed to explicitly teach the expected behaviours to all students. The lessons will be delivered in an extended roll call.

The Positive Behaviour for Learning Team ran a PBL logo design competition last term. This was won by Sean Simon. We will announce this on assembly and award the prize on assembly when the design is published. Ms Esther Chang is working with Sean to finalise design which will be published soon.

School values described in the classroom or in a teaching/learning context

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Year 7 Parent Teacher Night

Year 7 Parent Teacher Night was a huge success with record numbers of parents attending to speak with teachers. Out of a possible 180 students there were bookings for 158 individual students and 718 different bookings. Thank you to all parents, teachers and students who attended the evening. It is essential that parents have opportunities to discuss the progress of their son with teachers. If you were unable to see a teacher on the night, please make contact with the teacher. I’m certain that they will be able to provide feedback.

Thank you to the new prefects, Nathan Rees and Jack Simpson who provided support to staff and parents during the evening.

Year 8 into 9 subject selection

The Year 8 into 9 Subject Selection Evening was another well attended event. Parents and students were provided important information to support decision making regarding subject choices into year 9 in 2017. For parents that were unable to attend the evening, please refer to the subject selection booklet. If there are any questions regarding subject choices, please contact Mr Ralph

David, Deputy Principal Middle School.

Please remember that subject selection closes on 5 August 2016. This process was discussed during the evening and emails were sent to students and parents explaining this process.



Head Teacher Middle School - Ekaterini Thanos

To mark the achievements and progress of the Middle School in semester one, an assembly was held on Thursday 30 June.

Teachers nominated students based on our school values of Respect,

Responsibility and Engagement. It was excellent to see a number of students being awarded across two or more categories.

Representatives from the SRC created three photo collages accompanied by music which featured key events from each year group.

In addition, we were entertained by our talented music students, including the Junior Percussion Ensemble and a clarinet performance.

I would like to thank Mr Kyle Sutton, our BTM Coordinator and music staff, Mr Michael Tabrett and Mr Antony Mutch, for their assistance in coordinating the assembly.

UNIFORM SHOP (operated by Daylight Sportswear)


All items returned for exchange or refund MUST be in original condition (not washed or worn) with tags (if any) left on.

All refunds or exchanges will only be accepted up to 3 months from date of purchase. The original sales receipt is required as proof of purchase for all refunds or exchanges.

The office of Daylight Sportswear has recently moved to the following address:

6-8 Lone Pine Place, Smeaton Grange, NSW, 2567 (near Narellan) Ph: 4648 – 1066

Epping Boys Uniform Shop is open at school on Mondays 10-2pm AND Thursday 7.30-11.30 am and is located in G Block.

Please contact Delma Marsden on 0451 255 624 for any assistance or to place an order over the phone or place an online order at : daylightsportswear.com/epping to be picked up at the shop during the next opening time.

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Tournament of Minds - Sally Wybenga

Tournament of Minds is an Australia-wide, problem solving program for teams of students from Years 7 to 10. The teams are re-

 quired to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one of the following disciplines:

Applied Technology

Language Literature

Maths Engineering

Social Sciences

Tournament of Minds is an opportunity for students with a passion for learning and problem solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way. It has been one of the fastest growing national inter-school programs to challenge the youth of Australia and is now expanding internationally. Tournament of Minds provides for the ever-increasing demand for sophisticated, educational opportunities.

As part of the EBHS GAT program 7P and 7C have participated in a school based Tournament of Minds program. Three challenges were attempted by the classes: two Social Sciences challenges, and one Language and Literature challenge. “You are the weakest

Link” was a Social Sciences challenge where students had to select a person from History such as Julius Caesar, Marie Curie and

William Shakespeare and make a case for them to be deleted from history and the consequences of them being deleted.

“Cultural Crossover” was a Social Sciences challenge. In this challenge the teams needed to present a case to the International

Court of Justice for, and against, a claim for the removal of a national icon to another country. They also needed to explain how it would be transformed to adapt to the cultural sensitivities of its new country. The icons included: Mount Rushmore to France,

Stonehenge to India, The Blue Danube Waltz to Brazil and the Emu to Sweden.

“Going Bananas” was a Language and Literature challenge which had to develop a farce about the Harmonious International

Convention of Characters under pressure (HICCUP), using characters from books such as Dudley Dursley to Humpty Dumpty and

Custard the Dragon. Four props had to be incorporated into their farce, half a banana, a soiled white glove, a chain and a map.

On Monday 20 June the classes presented their solution to their challenges to their fellow class members and a panel of teachers.

All teams used humour and storytelling well and had a clear message to tell the audience such as, “You can’t always get what you want” to “good versus evil” to gender equality. The students used great dramatic techniques and were full of energy. Each team did well and deserved to be congratulated.

The winning team for 7P was:

Liam Brown

Anthony Feng

Nicholas Grinter-Cummins

Richard Mavila

Connor Preece

Aiden Robinson

The winning team for 7C was:

Matthew Kim

Ibrahim Mahmood

Aiden Tiong

Vivek Waller

Savina Wijesinghe

The school is currently organising teams in all categories for the Regional Tournament of Minds Competition. The competition will start at the beginning of Term 3. Boys in Years 7 to 10 who are interested should see Ms Wybenga in the Social Sciences staffroom.

Are you free for a few hours on Sunday 28 August?

Are you interested in Literature, Archaeology or Maths & Engineering or Science & Technology?

Judges are needed for the regional Tournament of Minds Competition.


You would be working in groups of three to judge the presentations made by students across the region.

Training and guidelines are provided

Please contact Sally Wybenga on 9869 2701 or by email at sally.wybenga@det.nsw.edu.au

by Monday 15 August

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Boys to Men - Kyle Sutton, BTM Coordinator

Year 7

Last term, the boys learnt about relationships and community. They were lucky enough to be exposed to fine men who have been a part of EBHS at one point or another. Students took part in a Q&A format style session with Ex Principal Mr Peter Garrard and Ex

Deputy Principal Mr Cliff Brennan, current teachers Mr Bruce Jacob and Mr Stefan Kinsky and ex-students Mr Jackson Unmack,

Mr Michael Spackman, Mr Ashwin Reddy and Mr Josh Jongma. I would like to formally thank these gentlemen for the time they donated to these boys.

This was a very rewarding process for both the boys and the members of the community who came in to share their experiences after the completion of high school and we can’t wait to run this again next year.

Years 7, 8 and Year 9

Boys from Years 7 - 9 have been exposed to meditation techniques at the beginning of each BTM session. There are 2 mobile apps that the boys have been shown, Smiling Mind and Headspace. Both of these apps are free and have had some significant benefits on student concentration. Some of the other benefits are listed below.

Focus More Sleep Better

Live More

Stress Less

Love Better

Train Better

Worry Less

Smile More

Listen Better

Eat Better

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News from Social Sciences

Term 3 has started with a flurry of activity, as we lead into the HSC Trial period. We encourage all our HSC boys to ensure they are well prepared and draw on their teacher’s knowledge and guidance to coach them toward success during this busy examination period.

Year 10 are finding themselves at the crossroads and have to make important decisions regarding subjects for next year. All of the teachers in Social Sciences are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that students may have in the lead up to making their final selections. A reminder that the subjects offered in the faculty include Geography, Economics, Business Studies and Legal Studies. The same advice is forwarded to Year 8 as they also select electives for next year. For Year 9, Global Studies, Commerce and Accelerated Business are being offered.

This term, the Social Sciences Faculty also has a visiting pre-service teacher completing his internship from the University of Sydney. Mr Lai will join us for the first nine weeks of Term 3. He will be teaching Year 10 and Year 9 Geography and 7C and 7I Geography. He is a keen geographer, Pokemon Go player and volleyballer. We hope that he enjoys his time in Social Sciences at EBHS and am sure he will make a valuable contribution to learning of all our students.

It was a busy end to the Term 2 in Social Sciences. The highlight of the end of the term was our Business Day: the annual event that allows all Accelerated and Preliminary Business Studies students to put their learning into practise. Several students have written their account of the day, which is attached below. Also at the end of Term 2, Year 10 Commerce students were visited by the Commonwealth Bank and participated in their StartSmart program, with workshops focussing on investing ideas and how to use hard earned money effectively. Matthew from Year 10 has written a recount of the learning that took place for the newsletter.

Business Day 2016

June 28 was the annual Business Day for all students in the Accelerated and Preliminary courses. Aaron in Year 9 and Stephen,

Aman, Tim D and Josh S from Year 11 have written their accounts of the day below.

Aaron G – Year 9 Accelerated Business Studies

Business Day 2016 was a massive success. All the Year 9 Accelerated Business Studies and Year 11 boys who do Preliminary Business Studies were divided into groups and created a business idea. We had many weeks to plan out our business and two hours to sell it to the school. I really enjoyed preparing the business. I liked seeing the business plan slowly develop into the business we presented to the school. From the original idea to our finished product: it was a sense of accomplishment.

We all learnt how to plan and create a business and to keep accurate records of all that happened in the business. Although I found the planning of the business enjoyable on the actual Business Day was not as much. During the day I was always busy and had no time to rest. I was tense the entire time because I was worried that we were going to make a loss. Although I didn’t find the actual selling process of our store enjoyable, I found that I learnt a lot from it. I learnt how to be an effective salesman, coordinate and productive worker.

Doing Business Day was an enlightening experience. It showed me how all shops and businesses think when making decisions and made me think about all the different types of business out in the world and how they chose to operate and carry out the business procedures.

Stephen, Tim , Aman and Joshua – Year 11 Preliminary Business Studies

On Tuesday 28 June Year 11 Business studies students and Year 9 Accelerated Business Studies students participated in Business

Day as part of their Preliminary HSC assessment. Students were asked to create and run a small business of their own choice, ranging from games to selling products.

In groups ranging from 2-4, students exercised skills learnt throughout the course, and implemented it into their business. Students were aiming to display skills in marketing and salesmanship. They displayed this through creating posters as well as announcements in the school assembly. They gained firsthand experience about how businesses operate and acquire skills which they use in the business world.

Students enjoyed the experience, as well as the teachers and students who participated in the customer experience. It was a successful school event that provided students with a combination of both practical and theoretical aspects of Business Studies.

Students who participated in the day had imitated a business environment with competitors and consumers affecting the success of their stalls. Overall Business Day proved to be a success as it offered students valuable experience of the business atmosphere.

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News from Social Sciences cont.

Commonwealth StartSmart Program – Matthew A – Year 10

A Commonwealth Bank representative keenly educated Year 10 Commerce students on the importance of savings and job seeking on the 24 June. The representative delivered an engaging presentation which went for the duration of the period. During the incursion, the Commerce students were educated on financial matters such as superannuation and employment, and how important it is to save money.

The exciting presentation also included an activity, where a selected number of students were given the opportunity to answer questions as if they were in a job interview. Not only did students gain experience in job interviews, but also knowledge on the

FairWork Commission and importance of being treated fairly and equally in the workplace.

Superannuation, employment and smart ways to save were all topics highlighted by the representative in hope to give the students an understanding of work-life. The incursion was successful and each student was further enlightened in the topics taught.

PDHPE - Matt Crawford - Relieving Head Teacher

Welcome back to Term 3! Here is a quick update on what we are looking at this term in 7 to 10 PDHPE.

Year 7: For theory we are looking at drugs and smoking this term, and for our practical component we are looking primarily at basketball (will be assessed on) and then later in the term we will be doing fitness and ball games.

Year 8: For theory we are looking at lifestyle diseases/contraception, and for our practical component we are looking primarily at

Futsal and then later in the term we will be doing fitness and floor ball.

Year 9: For theory we are looking at body image, and for our practical component we are looking primarily at soccer (will be assessed on) and then later in the term we will be doing fitness and netball.

Year 9 PASS: For theory we are looking at body systems and energy for physical activity, and nutrition and physical activity. For our practical component we are looking primarily at golf (will be assessed on) and then later in the term we will be doing fitness testing.

Year 10 PDHPE : For theory we are looking at sexual health/mental health, and for our practical component we are looking primarily at European handball (will be assessed on) and then later in the term we will be doing Bennett ball.

Year 10 PASS : For theory we are looking at technology, participation and performance, and for our practical component we are looking at peer coaching and later in the term we will be doing badminton.

If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or the PDHPE staff.

Young Men's Health Forum, 2016- Alison Howard, Welfare

“Reflecting on this event it was incredibly beneficial to myself and the rest of the attending boys. Many topics and issues were discussed including Body Image, Resilience, Alcohol-fuelled Violence and Leadership. Speakers presented stories and statistics to educate and promote conversation between us (young men) who as a group are largely affected by these issues. I took away a greater understanding of challenges myself or friends may be facing and how to address or treat someone affected by this. I believe the promotion of conversation, of the challenges males of our generation face is very important and this event encourages similar mentality. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and found it changed my perspective on issues affecting young males which would normally be pushed aside by social stigmas and hidden from view.” Ryan McGrory Year 10

“On Friday the 10 June a bunch of my peers and I went to the Chatswood Concourse to attend the Young Men’s Health Forum hosted by Conviction Group. We listened to a number of inspiring guest speakers such as Peter Overton and Kathy Kelly.

Each speaker shared many stories, both sad and happy, while also giving us a unique view on their lives as teenagers and experiences as adults. One of the speakers, Kathy Kelly is the mother of the late Thomas Kelly, killed in a drunken coward punch attack at Kings Cross. His mother talked about the ripple effect, the effects of alcohol and the steps they have taken to protect further people from being impacted from these attacks and how her organisation set up a booth in Kings Cross that provides water and sick bags, as well as thongs for women who can’t walk in heels.

Speakers talked about many prevalent issues such as depression and anxiety and how more men die from suicide than from car crashes. This was quite shocking to me and most of the people in my group. We engaged in group discussions, sharing ideas and these discussions gave us new understanding of how these issues affect the people around us and ourselves. The experience also provided us new ways to help other people and ourselves, if ever the need arises.

Overall, the day was very eye opening and gave all who attended a more educated and unique aspect on what effects men and boys our age mentally and physically. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience myself and hope to see future year groups go through and come back experiencing the same as what we did.” Harrison Hale Yr 10

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Sports Central - Tony Nelson

Zone Athletics

Veni, Vidi, Vici, would act as a befitting description of the 2016 Zone Athletics Carnival hosted at Sydney Olympic Park. Despite the grave overcast clouds, trickling rains, arctic gusts of wind, and exclaims of “No one’s performing well - It’s too cold”, Epping performed well. The boys came hard and heavy, smashing the array of events presented before them, and ultimately succeeded in carrying on Epping’s proper tradition, being awarded the title of Champion Zone Athletics School 2016, for the second year running. A huge congratulation to all the boys who participated, parents who attended, and teachers who coordinated, notably our brilliant Sports Coordinator, Mr Nelson.

Nicholas Purcell - Athletics Sports Captain


George Davis

Jack Armson

Ben White

Alex Pritchard

Ray Ahsan

Louis Purcell

Dillon Harris

Max Chaney

Max Depalo

Harrison Wade

Layton Hubble

Logan Wade

Riley Leverett

Mahan Safdartourei

Robert Hill

Elliot Carwardine

Julien Smith

Jack Talty

Alex Doherty

Caleb Harris

Jordan Metcalfe

Jeremy Hughson Miranda

Joshua Grinter-Cummins

Liam Doherty

Shannon Condon

Nathaniel Chappell

Nicholas Purcell

Matthew Palmer

Matthew Graetz

Jett Tall


12-15 Years 1500m Walk

16-19 Years 1500m Walk

16-19 Years 1500m Walk


17 Years 100m



Long Jump


17 Years 100m

Long Jump


16 Years 100m



15 Years 100m


14 Years 100

13 Years 100m



Long Jump

17-19 Years 800m


16 Years 800m

15 Years 800m


14 Years 800m

200m -

13 Years 800m

17-19 Years 200m


16 Years 200m

17 Years+ 1500m

16 Years 1500m

12-14 Years 1500m

12-14 Years 1500m

12-14 Years 400m

Triple Jump

13 Years 90m Hurdles

15 Year Discus

15 Year Javelin

16 Years High Jump

14 Years High Jump


17 Years+ Triple Jump

16 Years Long Jump

14 Year Javelin

14 Year Javelin


2 nd

3 rd

2 nd

1 st

2 nd

2 nd


2 rd nd

3 rd

2 nd

2 nd

3 rd

3 rd

3 rd

3 rd

1 st

2 nd

1 st

2 nd

1 st


1 st

1 st

3 rd

3 rd


1 st st

3 rd

3 rd

1 st

2 nd

1 st

1 st

1 st


1 st st

1 st

2 nd

2 nd

3 rd

3 rd


1 st st

1 st

1 st

1 st

3 rd

2 nd


2 st nd

2 nd

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Sports Central - Tony Nelson Cont.


Jacob White

Alex Pritchard

EBHS 17 Year Relay

EBHS 16 Year Relay

EBHS 15 Year Relay

EBHS 14Year Relay

EBHS 13 Year Relay

EBHS 12 Year Relay

Champion Zone Athletics School


13 Year Shot Put

Long Jump

17 Years Age Champion

Champion Zone Athletics School


1 st

3 rd

2 nd

2 nd

2 nd

1 st

1 st

3 rd

Champion Zone Athletics School

NSW CHS Representatives

Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected to represent the state in their respective sports:

Robert Supala - Lawn Bowls

Luke Houze - Lawn Bowls

Sydney North Cross Country

On Friday 24 June, a handful of boys had gone to compete at the Sydney North Regional Athletics carnival at Gosford Racecourse.

Throughout the entire day, there were some amazing results achieved by our students.

In the 13 Years we had Alex Harrison (15th) , Caleb Harris (16th), Max Depalo (18th) and Will Neilson (19th). In the 14 Years we had Ethan Nicol (17th) and Riley Leverett (18th). In the15 Years age group we had an amazing result with Logan Wade coming

6th, Liam Doherty (18th) and Oliver Cunningham (19th). The 16 Years saw Jack Talty finishing up 17th.

We took out the 17 Years with Harrison Wade taking out the carnival (1st), followed by Sam Lucas (17th).

In the 18 Years we also had another amazing result with Julien Smith coming 2nd.

I’d like to commend not only these boys but all those who participated on the day from Epping Boys and the weather that they had to run in, congratulations and good luck to those competing on the 22nd of July at Eastern Creek for the State Cross Country.

Alex Pritchard – Cross Country Captain

North West Met Boys


13 Years

Alex Harrison 15

Caleb Harris

Max Depalo



Will Neilson

14 Years

Ethan Nicol

Riley Leverett

15 Years




Logan Wade

Liam Doherty

Oliver Cunningham

16 Years




Jack Talty

17 Years


Harrison Wade

Sam Lucas

18 Years

Julien Smith




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Career - Elizabeth Ramsay - 5 Things to consider when picking a degree!

5 Things you need to consider when picking a degree!

1. Don’t pick a university pick a degree!

It is a risky move to pick a university before you pick a course because you will be inclined to settle for an obtainable course at the university of choice rather than what is right for you. In Australia, we are lucky to have an extraordinary range of high quality universities. This means you don’t have to try to discriminate between universities based on their ‘value’ or ‘prestige’. Instead of worrying about what a university will look like on your resume, consider the value of your degree. A business degree from most universities will hold the same value as each other, same for law or science or just about any degree.

2. Remember your final score isn’t everything! Courses with higher entry scores are not necessarily better. Having a law degree doesn’t mean you will make more money. Don’t make the mistake of trying to match your ATAR to a degree! Entry scores are an indicator of demand and places available in the course not its quality. Degrees with lower entry scores aren’t necessarily less prestigious, less difficult or require less time.

3. Understand your course!

This means you need to do research and make no assumptions. Rather than choosing a course you think you ought to do, choose a course you want to do! Courses with the same name can vary considerably so check the course content!

4. Make sure you explore Scholarship opportunities!

Check university web pages for these. Don’t be shy and don’t consider the application process too difficult.

5. Job Ready Skills aren’t everything!

Many of the jobs that will be available when you graduate haven’t even been invented yet! This means that a narrow, vocationally focussed degree will not necessarily set you up best for the future. Generalist degrees are valuable too! Though it is obvious if you want to be an accountant, nurse, teacher or lawyer you will need to study the relevant course!

Acknowledgement to My Career Match website for some of this info.

Elizabeth Ramsay

Career Advisor (Mon-Wed)

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213 Vimiera Road, EASTWOOD, NSW 2122

Ph: 9869 2701 Fax: 9868 1198 Email: eppingboy-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au

P rincipal: Timothy O’Brien, BEc, Dip Ed

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: Epping Boys High School Rugby Dinner

The coaching staff of Epping Boys High School Rugby teams would like to formally invite all Epping Boys

High School Rugby players (13s, 14s, 15s, 2 nd

Grade and 1st Grade Rugby Teams) and their parents/family to the Annual Rugby Dinner which will be held in the Edmund Barton Centre on Tuesday 16 August 2016, commencing at 6.00 pm.

Epping Boys High School has been extremely fortunate to secure the attendance of special guest speaker and presenter for the evening, Mr Bill Pulver. Bill is the CEO of the Australian Rugby Union and is an entertaining speaker and rugby man.

The evening will also honour the 10 th

anniversary of the 2006 rugby cohort, who in winning the 1 st


Premiership, broke a 7-year drought. They are also the only team to have had an undefeated tour of the

USA and Canada. David Sutton and Toby Newton-McGee were the two captains and will be special guests.

The evening will include a three-course meal, non-alcoholic drinks, presentation of trophies and major awards, and a lucky door prize.

Cost for the Rugby Dinner is $45.00 per person. Tickets may be purchased from the Payments Office located in D1 or by telephone until Tuesday 9 August 2016. There is also the online facility: log on to the school website, choose “ Make Payment ” and follow the instructions. Please note this year there is a maximum number of 250 guests. Once this limit has been reached we can no longer sell any more tickets.

Dress is smart casual and it is requested that all students wear full school uniform on this evening. As this is a school function, no alcohol is permitted.

All coaches eagerly anticipate your support and attendance on this evening.

Yours sincerely,

Tim O’Brien


26 July 2016

Sarah Laman

On behalf of 2016 Rugby Coaches

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EBHS Rugby Dinner

Epping BHS – Tuesday 16 August 2016

I would like to attend the EBHS Rugby Dinner at the Epping Boys High School’s Edmund Barton Centre on

Tuesday 16 August 2016.

Name: _________________________________________ Number of Tickets: _______ @ $45.00 each


Name: _____________________________________________ Phone:_____________

Please debit my:  Visa  MasterCard Amount: $___________

Credit Card Number: Expiry Date: __________________

Signature:__________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

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Community Notices

Epping YMCA Junior Cricket Club

The 2016/17 Season will be starting in September

At Epping YMCA we cater for all ages from 5 to 16:

In2Cricket : A fun introduction for Under 8s.

Average : Under 8s and 9s

Competition : Under 10s to Under 16s.

Come to Registration mornings Sunday 7th August or Saturday 13th August at the Epping

YMCA (Ward St, Epping) between 9am and noon.

Previous players to be emailed forms.

Further details and information regarding online registration can be obtained from Paul Fleming at paul@opticalterminations.com.au or Kevin McKenzie at kevin.mckenzie@det.nsw.edu.au

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Community Notices





Child & Adolescent Parenting


Tuning in to Teens Course

Skills to communicate with your teenagers so that you understand each other better & are able to build positive relationships.

 Understanding teenagers today & communication skills

 Emotional intelligence skills

 How to prevent behaviour problems & conflict resolution

5 wks Chatswood 10/8 – 7/9 (7.00-9.30pm) Brookvale 11/8 – 8/9 (6.30-9.00pm)

Dealing with Teen’s Backchat Workshop

 Learn how to restore a respectful & positive relationship with your teenager

 Understand what it is like being a teenager today

 Learn how to talk so that they listen & how to listen so that they talk to you

Chatswood (3/8, 7.00-9.30pm)

Tuning in to Kids Course Chatswood (8/8 - 5/9)

Triple P Seminars Chatswood (11/8, 18/8 & 25/8)

Resilient Kids Workshop Chatswood (23/8)

Communicating with Kids Workshop

(based on PET)

Chatswood (12/9)


 Dealing with Teen’s Back Chat  Resilient Teens

Transition to High School

 Triple P Seminar Series (Teens)



ON REQUEST (2-2.5 hours)

 Understanding Your Toddler/Discipline & Tantrums  Older Sibling – New Baby

 Tucker without Tantrums/Toilet Training  Transition to School

 Speech & Language Development/Sleep  Grand Parenting

 Triple P (PPP) Seminar Series (1-12 years)  Communicating with Kids

Enquiries: Child & Adolescent Parenting 8877 5152 www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/services/CAP

Are proud to introduce the following five session parenting program in Mandarin for Chinese parents of teenagers


Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

Would you like to learn how to:

 be better at talking with your teenager?

 be better at understanding your teenager?

 help your teenager learn to manage their emotions?

 help to prevent behaviour problems in your teenager?

 teach your teenager to deal with conflict?

Tuning in to Teens teaches you how to help your teenager develop emotional intelligence . Adolescents with higher emotional intelligence:

 have greater success with making and keeping friends

 have better concentration at school

 are more able to calm down when upset or angry

 tend to have fewer childhood illnesses

Emotional intelligence may be a better predictor of academic and career success than IQ!

Where: Chatswood Community Health Centre

57 Hercules St, Chatswood

When: Tuesdays 23/8/16 – 20/9/16 (5 weeks)


Contact: 8877 5152



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Chess Club is located in K23 during lunch time on Monday,

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. No experience necessary.

Come along and make new friends.


Dr Who Club

Friday during lunchtime in K04

See Ms Lane in the science faculty for more information


Interested in the Environment !!

Come along and join this fun and interesting group

Tuesday - lunchtime in K4

See Ms Lane in the Science Faculty for more details.

Need Help with Homework or Assignments...

Come to the Homework and

Learning Centre

Extra help with homework and assignments is available at the Homework and Learning


School Library

Monday afternoons 3 .30pm - 4.30pm

See Miss Morabi in C Block for more information or

Mrs Frank in the office for a permission note

Epping Boys High School is on Facebook


S cience T echnology E ngineering A rts M athematics

STEAM challenges students to solve the problems of the future in a creative way supported by evidence and first-hand research.

All students are welcome to come along and change the world on

Mondays at lunch in K06.

See Mr Leggo in Science

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Hash brown

Raisin Toast

English Muffins Ham & Cheese

Herb & Cheese Toastie (Thursday's)

Hot Chocolate (Term2&3 only)





Chicken Caesar Roll



Protein Fillings are:

Chicken, Corned Beef, Ham

Roast Beef, Plain Egg, Curried Egg

Tuna or Cheese

Salad Fillings are:

Lettuce, Tomato,

Carrot, Cucumber, Capsicum

Mixed salad leaves & Celery


Pesto, Mayo, Pickles, Mustard

Chutney, Bbq & Tomato Sauce

Chicken Fillet

Chicken Corn Roll

Sausage Roll

Spinach & Cheese Roll

Pizza Rounda

Hot Dog

Hot Noodles- Chichen/Oriental

Chicken Burger

Vegie Burger (Order Only)

Pork Rib Roll (Friday only)


Plain Meat Pie

Chicken Pie

Potato Pie

Curry Pie

Mexican Pie

Hot Special Roll of the day


.80 Salad Only Plate (Order Only)

$1.50 Salad with Protein Plate (Order Only)

$1.20 Pasta Plain Salad ( Term 1 & 4 Only)

$1.20 Pasta Chicken Salad ( Term 1 & 4 Only)



Water (600ml)

$2.50 Water (1.5 Lt)

$2.50 Pump Water (750ml)

$2.50 Fruit Juices (450mls)

$2.50 Fruit Juices (375mls)

$2.50 Juice Poppers

$2.50 Up & GO

$3.00 Oak Flavoured Milk (600ml)

$3.50 Oak Flavoured Milk (300ml)

$3.50 Pura Plain Milk (600ml)

$3.50 Chill Iced Tea

$3.50 Nexba Iced Tea

$3.50 Okf Sparkling

$3.50 Appletiser



$3.50 Zooper Dopper

$3.80 Frozen fruit cups



$3.00 Moosies



$0.50 Toasted Garlic Tortilla

.40 Mega Muffins



Piranha Chips

BBQ Snaps

J J snacks



Tomato, Mustard, Sweet Chilli, Bbq

































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ABN 76 069 733 455

35 Garema Circuit, Kingsgrove NSW 2208

Telephone: (02) 9758 5588 Fax: (02) 9758 5566

Email: daylight@daylightcorp.com

Epping Boys High School Uniform Shop

Price List

Name: ___________________________ Year: ______ Date: __________ Rec# ___________

Tailored Trousers

Item Price $


Size Qty Total incl GST

Grey Beltloop Shorts 35.00

S/S Grey Middle School Shirt

L/S Grey Middle School Shirt

S/S White Senior School Shirt

L/S White Senior School Shirt


Green Wool Jumpers 10 – 16

Green Wool Jumpers 18 – 22

Green Wool Jumpers 24 – 28

Sport / PE

Microfibre Jacket

Winter Jackets


Sport Polo

Sport Shorts Darvall

Sports Shorts Harris

Sports Shorts Terry

Sports Shorts Midson


School Socks

Rugby Socks

Boys Blazers

Bottle Caps

Middle School Tie

Senior School Tie






















Total to Pay

We accept cash and credit card – eftpos facility. Cheques will not be accepted.

The Uniform Shop is open:

Monday 10.00 am until 2.00 pm

Thursday 7.30 am until 11.30 am

The Uniform Shop is located in G Block. If you have any queries, please contact Delma Marsden on

0451 255 624

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Student First Name: ……………………………......Student Surname…………………………...Roll Class …………..

Previous Address: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ……….

…………………………………………………………………………..…….. Date Address Changed: …………………

New Address: ….………………………………………………………………………………………….……………………

……………………………………………………………………………… Post Code: .………………………………

Home Phone: ………………..………………..

Parent/Guardian 1: Work Phone: …………………………………Parent/Guardian 1: Mobile ……………….………….

Parent/Guardian 1: Email: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Parent/Guardian 2: Work Phone: …………………….…………...Parent/Guardian 2: Mobile: ……………….…………

Parent/Guardian 2: Email:………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Emergency Contact 1 (someone other than Parent/Guardian)

Name: ……………………………………………………… Emergency Contact Phone: ………………………………..

Relationship to Student (eg Aunt, Friend): …..……………………………………………………………………………..

Emergency Contact 2 (someone other than Parent/Guardian)

Name: ……………………………………………………… Emergency Contact Phone: ………………………………..

Relationship to Student (eg Aunt, Friend): …..……………………………………………………………………………..

Parent/Guardian Name: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Parent/Guardian Signature: ………………………………..……………………….……. Date: ……………………….



Green File





If you receive a text regarding your son’s absence, please only reply if he is sick or on leave.

If you believe your son is at school or on a school excursion etc., please telephone the school on 9869 2701.

General SMS Information

Due to the SMS system we have, all text messages are sent in bulk from the computer. We are unable to reply to any text messages we receive. If you have any queries about an SMS please phone the school on

9869 2701.

Notification of Absence

If your son is going to be absent, please call the school ASAP and upon return, please use the following form to explain your son’s absence. NB: Early Leavers form should be submitted to the Front Office in the morning before 9.00am. Any other notes are to be submitted during roll call or handed to the Front Office.

If your son will be away for five or more days, an application for extended leave/travel form must be filled out and submitted to the

Principal two weeks prior to absence. Forms may be collected from the Front Office.


Student Surname: …………………………………...…….... Given Name: ……………….…………….……..…… Roll Class: ………..…

WHOLE DAY ABSENCE Date(s ): ………………………………………………….. LATE ARRIVAL Date: …….………………...………

EARLY LEAVER Date: ………………………….…….. Departure time: ………………………………………………………………..

Reason for absence: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….………………….

Parent/Guardian Name: …………………………….…………. Parent/Guardian Signature: ……………….…...…Date: ……………………

(Please Print)

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