Assignment 1 Sol.

Fluid Mechanics
ENME 601
Winter 2013
Dr. Eng. Hamdy Kandil
Assignment# 1
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Problem 1
Estimate the increase in pressure required to decrease the volume of mercury by 0.1%
(Mercury Ev = 2.85 x 1010 Pa)
Problem 2
Contrary to what you may expect, a solid steel ball can float on water due to the surface
tension effect. Determine the maximum diameter of the steel ball that would float on water at
20o C. What would your answer be for an aluminum ball? Take the densities of steel and
aluminum balls to be 7800 kg/m3 and 2700 kg/m3, respectively.
Problem 3
Two vertical, parallel, clean, glass plates are spaced a distance of 2 mm apart. If the
plates are placed in water how high will the water rise between the plates due to capillary
W= 2 σ L cos θ
h L b = 2 σ L cos θ
h= 2 σ L cos θ / b
Then for θ=0,
h= 7.49 mm
Problem 4
The clutch system shown is used to transmit torque through a 3-mm-thick oil film with μ=
0.38N.s/m2 between two identical 30- cm-diameter disks. When the driving shaft rotates at a
speed of 1450 rpm, the driven shaft is observed to rotate at 1398 rpm. Assuming a linear
velocity profile for the film, determine the transmitted torque.
Problem 5
Freshwater and seawater flowing in parallel horizontal pipelines are connected to each other
by a double U-tube manometer, as shown. Determine the pressure difference between the two
pipelines. Can the air column be ignored in the analysis? Take the density of seawater to be
1035 kg/m3.
Problem 6
If a 1-ft-diameter, 2-ft-long cylinder floats in an open tank containing a liquid having a specific
weight . A U-tube manometer is connected to the tank. When the pressure in pipe A is 0.1 psi
below atmospheric pressure, the various fluid levels are as shown. Determine the weight of the
cylinder. Note that the top of the cylinder is flush with the fluid surface
Problem 7
Two chambers with the same fluid at their base are separated by a piston whose weight is 25
N, as shown. Calculate the gauge and absolute pressures A and B.
Problem 8
Two water tanks are connected to each other through a mercury manometer with inclined
tubes, as shown. If the pressure difference between the two tanks is 20 kPa, calculate a and θ.