Class Participation Grading Rubric

Class Participation Grading Rubric
To dispel some of the mystery around class participation grades, the following is the rubric I will use
to assess your participation. Please note two things:
1. In addition to the criteria set out below, students receiving any passing class participation
grade must conform to the class attendance policy as stated in the syllabus.
2. Demonstrating difficulty with the material will not lead to a poor class participation grade.
This grade is not about providing “correct” answers, but about joining in the discussion.
Students will be notified of their provisional class participation grades half-way through the semester.
This grade is not official and will not be recorded in your average or with the registrar. It is meant to
serve as a guide to students so that they may be aware of and able to improve their performance in
this aspect of the class.
A Student Receiving a Class Participation grade of
A participates in class discussions often, both voluntarily and when called upon, in a manner which
demonstrates thoughtful reading of assigned materials, and which furthers discussion by interacting
well with other students’ comments and by contributing original insights and questions. Seeking me
out with questions and observations about class material will also contribute to superior class
B participates in class discussions often, both voluntarily and when called upon, in a manner that
demonstrates thoughtful reading of assigned materials. Contributions tend not to further the
broader discussion or interact with the contributions of other students in a constructive way.
C contributes to discussion only when called upon and only by way of summarizing the
contributions of others, the instructor, and the reading. Such a student has done the reading but
offers no original insight and brings no questions about the material to class to the instructor
D is often (though not always) unprepared to answer questions when called upon in class and does
not ask for help with difficult material.
F demonstrates by answers given in class and in discussion sections that he/she neglected to
prepare for class by doing assignments and reading on a regular basis and never seeks out the
instructor for questions or further discussion.