IBM End User Support Services – self enablement portal

Providing multichannel end user support to help enhance
satisfaction and productivity
IBM End User Support Services – self
enablement portal
■ Boosts productivity for a
global workforce with 24x7,
multichannel end user support
■ Delivers quick, accurate results
with natural language search
■ Enhances support efficiency
with proactive identification of
top issues through electronic
collection of end user activity
Seeking a self-service support solution
intelligent data collection of end user
that empowers users
activity, and intuitive, natural language
Many IT support organizations are serv­
search capabilities, self enablement
ing an increasingly global and mobile
portal from IBM can help reduce your
workforce that is dependent on not only
employees’ reliance on help desk
hardware and software from multiple
support—and ultimately, help you
vendors but also more complex
reduce your support costs while
devices. And while many companies
increasing employee satisfaction and
are turning to online self-service
technologies to meet the growing
demand for around-the-clock support,
Enhancing productivity of a widespread
end users haven’t been pleased with
workforce with comprehensive,
these solutions. As they struggle to find
multichannel support
the answers to their problems, they
For your mobile, geographically dis­
continue to call the help desk, making it
persed workforce to remain productive,
difficult for organizations to realize the
you need to offer consistent, around­
cost benefits of their self-support
the-clock IT support, accessible no
matter where they are. Self enablement
portal from IBM seamlessly integrates
IBM End User Services – self enable­
multiple channels—including intuitive
ment portal is designed to empower
search, chat and remote takeover
your users with comprehensive, multi­
functionality—to deliver comprehensive
channel support delivered via a single
support from a simple, user-tested
easy-to-use interface. Featuring a per­
interface. Hosted by IBM and accessi­
sonalized, Web-based user environ­
ble to end users via their Web
ment available in multiple languages
browsers, self enablement portal pro­
24x7, a leading-edge knowledgebase,
vides multilingual, security-rich capabili­
ties 24x7. This solution can help your
employees resolve their issues more
Data from end users’ equipment is also
quickly, enabling them as well as your
collected, eliminating the need to gather
IT staff to focus on their business-
information every time they submit a
critical tasks.
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Offering exceptional search functionality
Your employees can also access an
for more accurate results
extensive knowledgebase, which is
A common complaint of self-service
maintained by proven content manage­
users is that the search is difficult to
ment systems and incorporates the lat­
use. They are unsure of what keywords
est solutions found through customer
will render the results they seek and
groups or the help desk as well as
ultimately find themselves scanning a
common off the shelf (COTS) knowl­
confusing results list. With self enable­
edge. Such resources can expedite the
ment portal, your employees don’t have
resolution of an issue.
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to type in a perfect query to get the
help they need. Natural language, multi­
Why IBM?
lingual search capabilities enable the
The comprehensive suite of capabilities
tool to provide more accurate, useful
offered by self enablement portal from
results based on plain or “natural” user
IBM are virtually unmatched by any
syntax. And with a type-ahead feature,
competitive offering. This integrated,
users can review suggestions for
end-to-end solution combines our
search phrases, further helping them to
record of service expertise and global
pinpoint the correct search term.
reach with our latest technology devel­
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opments for portal management, rout­
Improving support efficiency with
ing, search, data mining, performance
intelligent data collection to proactively
reporting, chat and remote takeover
identify common issues
to provide your end users with a posi­
Self enablement portal from IBM elec­
tive, productive self-service support
tronically collects information on end
users’ activity within the portal, chats,
and service tickets to identify the most
For more information
common support issues. Based on this
To learn more about IBM End User
data, key content is refreshed to help
Services – self enablement portal,
ensure that proactive solutions to end
please contact your IBM representative,
users’ problems are highlighted and
or visit:
accessible with minimal searching.