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Bid Requirements
Before coming to any of our bid presentations, please make sure that your company
meets the basic requirements needed to submit a bid.
 Must have proper business licensing from the City of Chicago and/or State of
Illinois in to perform the work outlined.
 Must pay prevailing wages to staff involved in this project.
 Must meet our insurance requirements (see attachment titled “Insurance
 Any sub-contractors used must also meet our insurance requirements or be
covered under your policy (see attachment titled “Insurance Requirements”)
 Must be eligible to receive compensation from a State funded grant per the
Business Enterprise Program SB3249 requirements and must abide by and follow
the GA Section 5.9.
If you are interested in submitting a bid, bring this signed document with you to our
presentation along with a copy of your insurance documents. By signing this document,
you agree that you understand the requirements and your company does meet the
minimum requirements needed to submit a bid.
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