Agile Product Management – Market Insight

Agile Product
Management – Market
Insight & Competitive
Landscape Workshop
A one-day workshop to provide product managers a best in
class processes and deliverable for understand the market
and your competition.
• List methods for staying current with changing market
needs, as well as how they should be used and incorporated
into daily activities
Who Should A!end
• Discuss how best to prioritize customer needs and market
problems for inclusion in upcoming releases
Building products and solutions that are fundamentally rooted
• Identify high-quality resources that can be used to learn
about your competitors
be the de facto operating method of all organizations.
• Leverage external and internal competitive intelligence
Product leaders and their teams who need a consistent and
scalable process to discover market opportunities, source
• Incorporate a competitive view into downstream activities
in the marketplace.
Best Practice Agenda
• The importance of understanding market problems and
customer needs
that can be used for customer understanding and validation
• Overall best practices for customer and market research
and goals; creating a research plan; reaching out to
customers/buyers to get them to participate; conducting the
• How to “decipher” results from market research activities
and use the results to set the direction for a product
• Information sources for product managers to leverage to get
competitive information
• How a product manager should go about developing a
To present actionable best practices and frameworks to
• Describe the importance of identifying market problems or
client needs
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Agile Product
Management – Market
Insight & Competitive
Landscape Workshop
Prerequisite Work
Workshop Leaders
Our workshop leaders are seasoned practitioners who have
planned, executed and measured successful initiatives,
• The SiriusDecisions PMM Model
• Design stage deliverables
• Competitive Analysis Model
• Optional Webinars, e-learning courses or other sessions
covering workshop material and questions regarding
the workshop itself. Inquire to your account executive or
customer success manager for more information about
tailored workshops.
areas of expertise.
They engage hundreds of clients annually in continuous
research, benchmark studies and client inquiries to identify
trends, issues and challenges and provide models, frameworks
and actionable pragmatic advice to clients. Through our
Advisory Services, clients gain increased leverage from the
workshops through continuous engagement of our Analysts
during their services subscription period.
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