Design, Build, Test, Fly

DARcorporation is a world-class aeronautical Design, Build, Test, Fly
engineering and prototype development company
that boasts a team of highly skilled aeronautical
engineers, software developers, project managers
and prototype production
personnel. Our primary
objective is to help you
design and build safe
and predictable airplanes.
We have been doing this
since 1991, so we know
what questions to ask, how
long tasks take and what
is necessary to get the job
done. We will not low-ball the engineering estimate
and we will not make optimistic predictions that
cannot be achieved with the actual hardware.
Our expertise includes aircraft configuration design
and analysis, stability and control, estimation of
airplane models for flight simulators and aircraft
technical analysis. Other services include wind
tunnel and water tunnel project management
including testing and analysis, prototyping, flight
and ground testing.
We have a professional association with many
propeller and engine manufacturers which makes
us privy to accurate and up-to-date engine and
propeller performance information. Our technical
library consists of several thousand volumes
including USAF, NASA and ESDU reports and we
have access to the library and experimental facilities
of The University of Kansas, Wichita State University
and The University of Washington.
We begin every project with a careful review
of objectives and existing data and then offer
an assessment that includes project cost
projection and time line.
Whatever your goals are, we
will do what is necessary to
understand them and make
them our own, or tell you
upfront if something is just
not possible, saving you
time, frustration and money.
When we produce your
prototype vehicle, engineers and project managers,
who designed your state of the art vehicle will be
directly involved in every step of its fabrication
and assembly, thereby assuring that what we
designed is what you fly. Our staff will provide
all the assistance you may require to move from
the prototype to the full production phase with
the confidence that comes from developing a
production ready vehicle.
Every successful
outcome depends on
thorough and accurate
design and engineering.
DARcorporation • 1440 Wakarusa Drive • Suite 500 • Lawrence, Kansas • 66049 • USA
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DARcorporation engineers can use your
conceptual sketches and specifications to
produce a complete design. Or, if you need a review
of an existing design, we will analyze your design and
provide you a documented projection of performance
and cost of your aircraft vehicle and perform a
detailed comparative analysis of your competitor’s
product, including weaknesses and strengths.
Using Unigraphics NX, Team Center, AeroPackUnlimited and Solid Edge and many other specialized
aeronautical design and analysis tools, we can
produce detailed 2D and 3D CAD drawings and
illustrations for business plans, parts production and
assembly, quality control and investors.
Our Design and Analysis expertise includes:
· Aircraft configuration, preliminary and detailed
design and analysis
· Airfoil design and selection
· Stability and control analysis
· Detailed modeling of airflow
· Propeller and rotor design
· Ducted Fan design
· Development of software-based airplane models for
flight simulators and aircraft technical analysis
· Wind tunnel and water tunnel testing
· Detailed mechanical, systems and structural design
· Test Development for static and flight test articles
Our skilled aeronautical engineers will perform
original design work and design reviews using the
most powerful software and analytical tools available:
· Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) is used for aircraft
design, stability, and control analysis
· Several CFD packages and VORSTAB are used for
detailed aerodynamic analysis
· NASTRAN is used for structural analysis and design
· FAR23 Loads is used for loads prediction on G.A. airplanes
· Other software tools include AeroPack, Aircraft
Performance Program, and J2 Universal Tool-Kit
We will be as committed to your success as you are, but more importantly, we know how do get the job done; cost
effectively, and on time. Our years of experience, coupled with a practice of doing “trial and error” of airplane design on our
computers assures that you will not discover major mistakes in flight testing or on the production floor. In many cases, a
more disciplined approach to designing, building and testing their airplanes could have resulted in a much better outcome.
We truly want your company to be a success story.
We have discovered serious problems with longitudinal and lateral stability on many airplanes. Other airplanes had
serious stall and spin recovery issues. All of these problems were due to insufficient analysis in the initial stages of the
vehicle design. We have also observed structural design and manufacturing methods that did not meet the rigorous
standards demanded of flying vehicles. The results were airplanes with serious weight and balance issues and structural
defects. All of these problems could have been prevented if adequate engineering had been performed before any
material was cut on the shop floor and if the prototypes were built according to the standards that are expected of
aeronautical vehicles.
We will reduce risk and improve the probability of success.
Contact DARcorporation today to discuss what we can do for you!
DARcorporation • 1440 Wakarusa Drive • Suite 500 • Lawrence, Kansas • 66049 • USA
Tel: (785) 832-0434 • Fax: (785) 832-0524 • [email protected] •