PowerFunnel: A Revolution in Ground

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PowerFunnel: A Revolution in Ground-Mount Solar
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Solar power is taking off, not just because of
the “green” benefits, but because it makes
sound economic sense. In rural areas where
power is more expensive, the benefits of
solar power are even stronger.
You’ve probably seen solar installations on
rooftops, but did you know that if you have
property, you have a terrific advantage in
getting the best economic value from solar?
A system on the ground has benefits that
can’t be matched by rooftop approaches.
Trouble is, building a ground-mounted solar
installation is time consuming and complex.
Well, not anymore.
Now there’s PowerFunnel.
Factory assembled and tested
Arrives at site ready to deploy
Installed and operating quickly,
often in just a day
One snap-connector wires units
together, no tools required
Electrically inert plastic
structure, safer to install
Easily scalable, from a single unit
to as many as you need
No holes or loads on your roof
Easier maintenance, highest
possible output
What is PowerFunnel?
Simply put, PowerFunnel is like a completely integrated solar LEGO® Brick.
Each PowerFunnel includes the solar panel,
electronics, and cabling needed to provide
usable AC or DC power all by itself or in
sync with other units.
Just place PowerFunnel facing south, add a
bit of concrete in its base, and professionally wire to the grid.
Need to make a change after installation?
Built-in forklift tubes allow a unique ability
to move PowerFunnels even after install.
LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse
PowerFunnel or any CoWatt product or service.
Want to power your home, barn, shop, or out building that’s connected to the grid? Our flagship
model provides 240Vac split-phase power, two circuits of 120Vac that’s the same you have in your
home right now.
What about electric fences, gates, deer blinds or feeders that need 12V or 24V DC power? Our
1224DC model has a built in charge controller. Just place your existing battery inside the
PowerFunnel (if desired) and run appropriate wiring to the system you are powering.
For professional installations that may require string inverters, or for use as a retrofit in existing
higher-voltage DC systems, the HVDC model is a perfect and cost effective fit.
PowerFunnels can be shipped efficiently and safely because they stack one inside another like shopping carts during transit. This also means less onsite trash which is better for both the environment
and your wallet.
DC Output
New product configurations are in development, including units with integrated battery storage, 277Vac single phase and 480Vac three phase, and both larger and smaller output ratings. Check back with your salesperson or our website www.powerfunnel.com for the latest product information.
We are continuously expanding our network of dealers, installers, and retailers. For the latest information,
including your options for getting PowerFunnel on your property, visit us at www.powerfunnel.com, or
call us at (800) 590-4050 and we’ll be glad to help you out.
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