Department of Human Resources 6040 28th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55450

Department of Human Resources
6040 28th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55450
Operations Agent (Terminal 2)
An Equal Opportunity Employer
$16.52 /Hour
OPENING DATE: 12/11/12
CLOSING DATE: 12/17/12
Operations Agents monitor and control gate use and ramp activity, provide initial on-site
inspection for incoming service calls and coordinate and record aircraft movements and flight
activity at Terminal 2.
Tentative Hours:
Wednesday - Saturday 1:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Status: Provisional. Provisional status assignments have an anticipated length of service
exceeding six months. Provisional status employees are required by state law to participate in
the Minnesota Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) pension fund.
To apply: click the "Apply" link located just above the position description, log-in and follow
the instructions provided.
Applications will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. Monday, December 17, 2012.
questions regarding this position to Kristie Teasley @ 612-794-9151 or
[email protected]
Please direct
Minnesota Government Data Practices Act
The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) collects information from applicants for the
purposes of determining employment suitability. Applicants are not legally required to provide
the requested information. However, information not provided, other than race, gender, or
disability, may prevent MAC from being able to consider the application or determine the
applicant's suitability for the position.
The information collected may be classified as public or private data under the MGDPA. "Public"
means that data is available upon request. "Private" means the data is only available to the
person the information is about, and to those who must see it in the course of conducting MAC
business and as otherwise provided for by law.
MAC complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If an accommodation is required for you
to participate in the application process because of a disability or you have questions regarding
the application process, contact Anita Bellant at 612-726-8196 or [email protected]
MAC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion,
color, gender, age, nationality, or disability.
Primary Responsibilities
 Monitor and control daily airline flight activity
 Control active use of all gates, counters, bag claims and ramp area
 Assign and track gate use and time at gate for each aircraft
 Monitor public and non-public areas of the terminal
 Communicate with pilots, airline personnel, ground staff and others
 Coordinate active resource assignments/changes with airline personnel and ground staff
 Answer incoming calls from airlines, tenants and the public
 Conduct daily inspections of terminal areas, jet bridges and MAC common-use equipment
Miscellaneous Responsibilities
 Initiate maintenance and repair responses as needed/directed
 Attend Terminal 2-Humphrey and MAC meetings as directed
 Maintain working knowledge of all MAC and departmental policies, rules and procedures
 Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned
Core Competency Requirements
 Complete work assignments in an accurate and neat manner.
 Produce required volume of work within assigned deadlines.
 Practice cooperative, positive and flexible work habits and accept accountability for job
 Use sound, ethical judgment in solving problems and making decisions.
 Use effective interpersonal skills to develop positive work relationships.
 Perform work in a safe, secure and ethical manner.
 Use good communication skills in and between work groups.
 Comply with required work schedules.
 Provide good internal/external customer service.
 Comply with all MAC policies and procedures.
Minimum Requirements
 High school diploma or GED
 Two years of recent experience involving airport and/or airline operations activity
 Excellent ability to multi-task
 Excellent customer service skills
 Strong written and verbal communication skills
 Ability to perform inspections indoors and outdoors which requires the use of stairs
 Basic computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
Desirable Requirements
Two or four year degree in an aviation-related field
Experience involving active monitoring or control of airport/airline operations activity
Experience using computerized Resource Management System(s)
Radio operator experience
Basic skill level using Microsoft Access
6040 28th Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN 55450
EXAM #00234
Operations Agent (Terminal 2) Supplemental Questionnaire
1. There are FIVE STEPS to completing your application.
Create the Job Application
Complete or update Agency-wide Questions
Complete Supplemental Questions
Confirm your application
Certify and submit your application.
Be sure to SAVE YOUR APPLICATION EVERY 15 - 30 minutes to avoid losing valuable
data. Once you certify and submit your application, you will not be able to update or
modify the application.
You can expect your application to be reviewed within two to four weeks of the posted
close date.
Your application score will be based upon the information you provide in each step of
the application. It is important that you provide consistent and accurate information that
details your knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, and roles related to the position. You
may include a resume and a cover letter if you wish. Do not copy and paste your resume
into the spaces provided in Step 3: Supplemental Questions.
I have read the above statement and understand that failure to provide
sufficient, detailed information in the various steps of the application may result
in my application being rejected or receiving a lower score.
2. Indicate your highest level of education.
High School Diploma or GED
2 year degree
4 year degree
Masters Degree
None of the above
3. If you have a degree, is it in an aviation or related field?
4. List your degree(s) below. Include where you obtained your degree(s) from and the year
you graduated. If you do not have a degree, enter 'None' in the space provided.
5. How many years of recent experience do you have that involve airport or airline
operations activity?
Less than 2 years
2 or more years; less than 5 years
5 or more years; less than 10
10 or more years
6. Indicate where you obtained your experience and describe your responsibilities. If you do
not have this experience, enter 'None' in the space provided (do not cut and paste your
7. Do you have experience successfully performing multiple tasks at one time?
8. Describe your experience providing customer service in an office, professional, or airport
environment. If you do not have this experience, enter 'None' in the space provided.
9. This position is responsible for completing inspections indoors and outdoors. These
inspections require the use of stairs and require exposure to various weather conditions.
Do you anticipate any problems meeting these requirements?
* 10. Indicate your experience using Microsoft Outlook. Check each function you are proficient
Sort e-mail
Display/view e-mail
Forward e-mail
Create new e-mail message
Send e-mail message
View Calendar
None of the above
* 11. Indicate your experience using Microsoft Word. Check each function you are proficient
Create and save new document
Open, fill-in and save an existing template
Enter and edit text
Select, move and copy text
Format text
Set and remove tabs
Access the help feature
Check spelling and grammar
Set margins
Print documents
None of the above
* 12. Indicate your experience using Microsoft Excel. Check each function you are proficient
Open, close and save a workbook
Set page margins and print area
Format and align numbers, text, columns, rows and cells
Cut, paste and delete cells
Insert or delete rows and columns
Edit existing data
Enter new data in existing worksheet
Sort data on single and multiple levels
None of the above
* 13. Indicate your experience using Microsoft Access. Check each function you are proficient
Add, modify, delete and view records in table or form format
Open and close a database
Run, view, print and save existing report
Run existing query
Import data
View data in table and form view
None of the above
* 14. How many years of experience do you have actively monitoring or controlling airport or
airlines activity?
Less than 2 years
2 or more years; less than 5 years
5 or more years; less than 10 years
10 or more years
* 15. Indicate where you obtained your experience and describe your responsibilities. If you do
not have this experience, enter 'None' in the space provided (do not cut and paste your
* 16. Do you have experience using Resource Management Systems, databases, or
airline/airport scheduling systems?
* 17. If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, describe your experience. If you do not
have this experience, enter 'None' in the space provided.
* 18. Are you able to work holidays, weekends, etc?
* 19. Do you have radio operator experience?
20. I became of aware of this opportunity through (select all that apply):
Job Interest Card Notification
MAC Employee
MAC Web Site
21. If you selected 'Other' in the previous question, please identify.