August 31, 1999

Josh Weckesser
AP Language & Composition
Journal Entry Number One: Response to Reading in the Text
August 31, 1999
Okay, lots of reading last night. Here’s what I remember:
Reading for content- you’re going though the text and finding out what it’s about.
For example, is this about baseball or the players? Which players? Etc…
Reading like a writer- this is looking at the text itself. Word choice, rhetorical
devices, tone, etc… Finding out why this was written.
Strategies when attacking a text:
Highlighting- self explanatory
Annotating- taking notes in the margin ‘bout text questions, comments, etc…
Response- after reading write down what you’ve read, your own personal reaction
to the text, some content, etc…
One takes notes because that’s the best way for them to write something down
and glance at it to remember, but that doesn’t mean that any other person would find it
In addition to that I am willing to stand on my own two feet (so to speak) and
make up my own mind on what I think about a text. If I’m way off base I can at least say
they were my ideas.
I think I about halfway like Axelrod and Cooper, the authors of this textbook.
They’re pretty self-assured while writing a book that says one should question everyone
who has ever put pen to paper. Well, I’m questioning them. Who’s to say that Foley and
Moreland weren’t talking about drinking songs? It’s in the title!