iSYS/IT202W: Computers in Society Paper Guidelines & Resources Guidelines:

iSYS/IT202W: Computers in Society
Paper Guidelines & Resources
Guidelines: You must submit each of your papers to on the due date by the
specified time. will reject any attempts to submit papers after the due date
and time, even if your paper is just one minute late! You will not receive credit for a late
paper, even if is slow at the time your paper is due. Therefore, you should
try to submit your paper at least a few hours before the cutoff time.
The following guidelines are required to help make your paper readable.
Standard 8 1/2" by 11" (letter size) paper
Times New Roman 12 point font, not expanded or condensed in any way
1" margins on all sides
Indent the first line of each paragraph 1/2"
Double-spaced lines (not 1.5 or any other amount)
Absolutely no more than two pages, not counting the bibliography. Note that this
requires you to edit your information to be concise, accurate and complete!
A bibliography should be used with citations in the paper. The bibliography
should follow APA format.
Be sure your name (with any preferred nickname), the course number and date
appear in the upper right corner of each page, in a header 1/2" above the top
margin. Examples are:
James (Jim) Jarmusch
iSYS 202, 29 January 2010
Margaret (Maggie) Thatcher
IT 202, 29 January 2010