We invite PA teams to apply for a PA minigrant... This is made possible through a grant from the Mankato... REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Dr. Tony Filipovitch 389-5035
[email protected]
Kyle Zoromski
[email protected]
Public Achievement Minigrant: For Team Expenses
We invite PA teams to apply for a PA minigrant to help teams to meet special expenses.
This is made possible through a grant from the Mankato Area Foundation. This grant
application is intended to be simple and to give young people experience in grantwriting. Coaches should advise, help and must approve the grant application. But the
team members should get the experience of applying for a grant. Our PA leadership
team will review the grants.
The guidelines for the grant are as follows:
1. Public Work: The funds should be spent to help PA teams engage in public work.
The application asks them to explain how their activity will help build a more
democratic and caring community. It should not just benefit themselves.
2. Other funding: This grant can be used as seed money or can cover all of the
expenses. If this grant does not cover all the expenses for the proposal the teams must
have a realistic plan for raising the remainder of the funds. If you are funded once you
can apply later.
4. Reporting: The team will need to submit a written report on how you spent the
money, what you accomplished, and what you learned. We will give you a report form.
5. Don’t apply for:
Regular copying. This can be done by the school. Direct donations to other
6. Amount: Limit your requests to about $50 maximum. We can not fund all 30 teams at
the $50 level. Since usually not all teams request funding, you may apply for a second
grant later in the year.
7. Deadlines: We will accept applications at any time.
Dakota Meadows Public Achievement
Public Achievement Mini-grant
Fill out this form to apply for your grant. You may continue on additional pages if
necessary, but please be brief.
Amount Requested:
Problem or Issue Summary: Describe your problem or issue in 50 words or less. Why is it a
“public” problem or issue? Who is affected by it?
Project: Briefly describe the project you are working on and what it has to do with the problem
or issue.
Funding Request:
How much are you requesting? What will the funds be used for?
Other funding: How much other funding do you need and how are you trying to raise it?
Previous funding: If you have already received a PA grant, please explain how you spent
those funds and why you will use funds from the second round.
Deliver your proposal to Dr. Tony Filipovitch or Kyle Zoromski at the PA Office at
Dakota Meadows Middle School
Team Members:
Thanks to the Mankato Area Foundation for supporting PA!