Sent: July 7, 2010 to the EE REP Listserv
Subject: Equity Training Web Application (ET-Web)
Please find attached a link for the NEW Equity Training Web Application (ET-Web). This
application does the following:
1. ET-Web users can now sign in using their NetID and password to login to the application
2. ET-Web users can check the status of their equity training history
3. EE-Reps can double check the training status of their committee members. They can
search by the 7-digit employee number
4. ET-Web allows registrants to “Request to Cancel” their training online
Here is a link for ET-Web:
Once you have logged in with your NETID and password, click on the left navigation to view:
1. all the available workshops,
2. the workshops that you have already participated in
3. your account details and
4. as an EE Rep the search tool for all employees with equity training
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the application.
Many thanks
The Equity Office