Application for NRC 579: Cree Culture, Natural Resources, and Sustainability

Application for NRC 579: Cree Culture,
Natural Resources, and Sustainability
The high demand for, and finite capacity of, this
unique experiential learning course necessitates an
application process for allocating the slots (up to
nine students, with a waiting listi).
Please type your academic information into the
table below, and save it with a new file name
(NRC 579 application_your full name). Write
an essay (two page maximum) addressing why you are interested in this course. Questions 7
through 12 are writing prompts for your essay, though you need not answer all of them. Be
concise, but fully develop your response and make your best case. As noted in the syllabus,
short writing responses to readings will be a regular part of this course—this application will be a
sample of your work. Please delete the endnotes then email the file, along with an unofficial
transcript(s), to Prof. Barten at [email protected] by November 7, 2014.ii Meegwetch!
1. Name:
2. Major (Degree program):
3. Minor (if any):
4. Special Programs (e.g., CHC,
NAIS Certificate Program,
5. Expected graduation date:
6. Cumulative GPA:
7. What are your educational and personal development goals and how do you think this
course will help to fulfill them? (Please read the syllabus carefully.)
8. How do you feel this course would enhance your program of study? Please be specific.
9. Have you taken other Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) courses (Five
Colleges or elsewhere)? If so, how do you feel they could enhance your work in this
10. Have you taken other environmental history, science, and (or) policy courses that relate to
this course? If so, how do you feel this course would build upon them?
11. Is there other salient information about your educational background and work experience
that you feel relates to this course?
12. What are your long-term professional and career goals? How (if applicable) would this
course help you to reach them?
Please note: Enrolled students who do not meet the Hulbert Outdoor Center deadlines for: (1) a nonrefundable deposit of $300, (2) medical form completion, (3) waiver of liability form completion, and (4)
provision of a photocopy of their US Passport ID and signature page will forfeit their place in the course
to the next eligible student on the waiting list who can meet these requirements in a timely manner.
If a serious illness just before we depart prevents you from participating in the trip, your registration fee
and deposit will be refunded.
Registration for Spring 2015 begins on November 12, 2014