1) The program will require a part-time Project Manager for $8,000. This will be the equivalent
of $21 for 20 hrs/ per week. The duties of the Program Manager consist of coordinating the
logistics for the follow-up courses, instructor and consultant coordination for all follow-up
activities, and budget management. In addition, the PM will work as the liaison between the
evaluator and course facilitators to ensure implementation of the evaluation plan. Final reporting
for this grant will be the responsibility of the project manager.
2) Follow-Up Instructors. A HE and K12 person are required for each course. 10 instructor/
facilitators will be paid $500 each for the required follow-up activities for the 5 courses ($5,000).
3) Teacher stipends: $600/teacher for 20 teachers, $12000
3) The HE Coordinator will be paid $250 for each of the 4 courses that are part of the
subcontracts ($1000). (1 at College B, 1 at State College C, and 2 at Community College A).
5) Contractual services –
Partnership independent evaluation at $400/day, total of $3000 is required to complete
the evaluation of the follow-up activities and the required final evaluation of the grant in
year 4.
6) Fringe for the project manager is $153.
7) Indirect cost is 10% of UMass portion of budget as agreed to by Vice Provost for Research
XXX and Dean XXXX of the College of Education. In year 4 that amount is equal to $8415.