Dr. Elena Klaw Psych. 190

Dr. Elena Klaw
Psych. 190
 Review
agenda and expectations for
Final Event: Dec 16th 8-9:30 in MLK 255
 Review grading
 Ending violence
 Partner Discussion Activities
 Oakland Men’s Project
 According
to Grossman (2009) and what
you have learned so far, what causes “the
virus of violence?”
 What
can/should we do as a society to
address it?
 Think
of yourself as a peacemaker and
conflict resolver. Why might it be hard to
to see yourself as some one who has the
power and responsibility to make peace in
the world around you?
 What
specific steps can you take to make
this goal a reality?
Let’s all Discuss
 “If
you have daughters, how can you
support them to be adventurous,
independent, athletic, and confident of
succeeding in whatever they do?”
 “If
you have sons, how can you help them
resist the pressure to be tough, aggressive,
and insensitive? How can you teach them
to respect women?”
 Let’s
all discuss.
To CHALLENGE the cycle of violence through active
intervention in people’s assumptions.
To EMPOWER individuals to come together and reach
beyond/out to each other to build community
responses to violence and oppression.
To UNDERSTAND men’s unique training to perpetuate
violence, and to challenge each of us to unlearn it.
To SUPPORT the struggle of each person to overcome
pain, hurt, and learned helplessness, to heal.
To PROVIDE young people with the information,
support, resources, and encouragement they need to
create violence-free relationships and communities.
 To
UNDERSTAND power and violence are
in our lives and in society.
To PROMOTE a variety of powerful and
effective alternatives to violence in social
and personal situations.
 To
MODEL, in all of these areas, the
powerful role that men can take in
breaking the cycle of violence.