Thursday, January 7, 2016 Attendance: ASA Michelle F.

Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
Thursday, January 7, 2016
Attendance: ASA Michelle F.
AXO Katelyn T.
Riley D.
Heather A.
GPB Nicole J.
Haley S.
Emily S.
SSS Thea
Leah K.
Heather H. IL Abby P
LCA Patrick
Steven IL. Alex Beck
Josh IL. Connor D.
12:45 Welcome
Resource notebooks
Meal Prep Schedule
1:05 Ice Breaker
1:45 Revisit Goals
12 hours of community service – Goal was not met (around 10 hours per
Raise $20 per member for philanthropy events
Each member attend 2+ other chapters events
Community GPA of 3.14 (Not met)
Community GPA of 3.05 (Met)
12 hours of community service per member (Fraternities did not meet,
Sororities almost met)
Raise $20,000 for Dance Marathon (Currently $3,000 for donor drive)
John: Academics: A few years ago Greek life did not meet All Women’s average and All Men’s
average. Chapters raised standards for members and new members and started meeting this goal
for the last 3 years. All Men’s average is usually 2.8-2.85 and fall semester is usually lower than
spring semester. Prelim numbers for fall 2015 for all chapters was about a 3.07. Next week the
final numbers will be received and sent out within two weeks for academics.
Roster: Fall rosters met 471 members. Women numbers have increased drastically over the last
two years. Men numbers have stayed steady. We have large classes leaving in the next 2-3 years.
Keep this in mind when setting recruitment goals. We are looking at being over 500 members
and continuing growth for the Greek Housing initiative.
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
DJ: Meeting these goals helps fight the negative stereotypes for Greeks. We need to focus on
goals and meet those goals. Chapter Presidents and PHC/IFC Councils need to work together to
meet these goals and help each other out. What do Presidents expect from councils?
Rob: Roundtables, maybe held 1-2 times a semester and held with discussion for
an hour or so
Jimmy: Close to when the roundtables are needed (ex. Recruitment roundtables
close to recruitment)
Haley: Better communication for roundtables
Michelle: Focus roundtables more on discussion
Katelyn: Better communication between PHC and specific chapters
Dakota: Social bylaws are out of date and I would like to see them up to date
every year rather than every few years.
DJ: Chapter resources are a big thing so Councils should be helping chapters by
giving them these resources and showing them where to go for certain things. What about
Council expectations for chapters?
John: While councils can be providing resources, individuals need to be
resourceful and look for what they need. If they cannot find it then ask for help with it.
Brett: If you need help come and ask us, we cannot always go to you.
Haley: Send us the information ahead of time for events so we can send it out on
social media.
Riley: Recording community service hours has been an issue, keep sending in
community service hours, but we will be coming up with a new plan on Orgsync so be looking
out for that.
DJ: Presidents, please be turning in your monthly reports on Orgsync.
John: On the topic of Orgsync, please keep it updated. Next Friday is when you
need to have your rosters updated. If you are confused by anything: ask.
Patrick: I expect all chapters to follow the rules.
Leah: Please fill out social planning forms correctly. 2 weeks for events with
alcohol, 48 hours for events without alcohol. Meeting these deadlines is important.
Caleb: Are these allowed to be goals too, or is that just separate?
John: We will be setting goals tomorrow, but keep them in mind if you want them
to be goals.
DJ: I expect reports every week from council members.
Michelle: I expect Councils to work with counterparts, IFC/PHC should be
working together. Chapter Presidents can help each other out too, use each other as resources.
DJ: “Shoot the shit together.”
Leah: Let’s not make IFC and PHC a competition, we should be working as a
team to make this community better.
John: When you get this position of leadership, we expect you to walk the walk.
These people need to be the leaders of our community and actually lead. People on the outside
are looking at you to be an example, make sure to be modeling what you expect others to be
doing. Be honest. Be real, that is the only way I can help. If there is stuff that needs to be
addressed, let me know ASAP before it hits the fan. Do something about it before things boil
over. Be proactive. I sometimes will over assume what people in these positions know. If that is
the case, let me know so I can help. Ask me questions if you need to. Communicate with
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
headquarters on a regular basis. When it comes to relationships with advisors and headquarters,
reach out to these people. Trust is a big thing.
Steven: Emphasize more on the importance of communication: councils please
communicate with your counterparts. Not communicating will really cause setbacks.
Patrick: Participation should be mandatory. Making sure people show up is a big
Thea: Going to roundtables is part of the Chapter of the Year Awards, so if you
want to meet that criteria you need to have them show up.
John: If you can accomplish more than one thing at a time, do it. Kill two birds
with one stone. Recruitment and initiation should be mandatory for everybody. Work smarter not
harder. Make a point to your meetings, make it worth peoples’ time.
Hunter: Explain to members the importance of what they are going to rather than
using the word mandatory.
John: You are my eyes and ears. Trust each other. The most successful
Panhellenic I have seen, the presidents met once a week for lunch. Helping each other and
trusting each other is a good thing.
2:30 CSU Campus Survey and Break
3:12 The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership/LPI
Ashley Strom, Student Activities
4:32 Successful and Safe Event Planning-Making Things Happen
Shirley Piepho, University Conference Coordinator
Chandler Holland, Director of Risk Management, Environmental Health and
Shirley: Our office is CSU 219. We are the first stop of scheduling. We work with all
aspects of scheduling (parking, catering, etc.). EMS is the University scheduling website.
Meeting rooms are usually done on the website, but bigger events should be done in person in
the office. Our office handles policies and procedures for these events as well. A strong policy
for the CSU is that you cannot bring in outside food. Sodexo’s (catering) office is located in our
office and we work with them to help with your scheduling needs. When you do a bigger event
we have a “Special Event Checklist” to make sure everything is done correctly for events. This
checklist deals with extensive information that is needed (parking, security, etc.). Events can be
scheduled starting two weeks before graduation for the next semester, (mid-November and MidApril) the checklist needs to be done and turned in two weeks before the event. CSU allows for
only 5 hours a week per RSO, if more than 5 hours a week is needed then other buildings should
be used. Schedule extra time if you think you need it.
Chandler: We are responsible for liability and safety. The “Special Event Checklist” is in
place for a reason and if you want to do some crazy event, talk to me and explain what is going
on and set some guidelines to make the event safe and realistic. For off-campus events I can be a
resource and help with the event guidelines for safety and liability. I see Greeks as role models
and put you guys at higher expectations. The sooner in advance that you talk to us about events
the easier it is to have the events. There are a lot of people that we have to answer to and the
sooner we can get them involved, the easier it is to plan and contact these people.
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
No latex balloons to avoid allergic reactions.
John: Candles in meeting rooms need to be enclosed, wax cleanup is $25. Animals, 5ks,
car smash, anything involving weird chemicals (ex. Color Run), Chandler would be the contact.
Stone: What would I need to know if I were having an event where the school would
need to be providing the food?
John: A week ahead you need to talk to Sodexo, 3 days ahead of time you need to
confirm the number of people and information.
Shirley: Scheduling will work with you to set up the rest of the event and you just
need to talk to Sodexo about the food.
John: RSOs are the only groups that can schedule on campus at free of charge so to make
sure your organization is registered.
Leah: What about if I wanted to reserve a space for a mock car crash?
Shirley: You would schedule it through scheduling and then get in contact with
Chandler about safety planning.
Stone: Are you able to bring food in for like snacks for meeting?
Mark: Officially, you need to order through the CSU. But if you talk to people
you could figure this out. (Ex. U Lead, Sodexo cannot do 120 pizzas on a Sunday, so they give
us permission to go to Toppers).
John: The Shoe String Menu: RSOs are the only organizations that can order from this
menu. RSOs pay a lot less for items on this menu rather than if they were a faculty member
planning an event or outside organization planning an event.
Shirley: Fundraising on or off campus needs to be filled out with scheduling in order to
avoid liability issues.
Review of Risk Management Policies Procedures and Responsibilities (Leah and
*See slide shows attached*
For FIPG procedures and policies go to, IFC and PHC Policies and Procedures are
based on FIPG.
Hunter: This coming year the Fire Department is going to be checking rental houses, they
may be more strict than a city worker. Make sure houses are up to code (check with landlord if
not sure).
DJ: Ignorance is not an excuse. You should know the rules before something happens.
Patrick: Though we are not mandatory reporters, it is better for us to report something
rather than it get out and cause issues.
Josh: Can we search bags if we are manning doors for a registered party?
Pat Yes, to an extent. You can look in bags and ask, but no pat downs or unnecessary
Caleb: Do chapters have to follow that exact policy [FIPG]?
Leah: Whichever rules are stricter, FIPG or your chapters policies.
Patrick: The more detail you put into social planning forms ad pre event check lists the
easier it will be to have your events approved.
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
Leah: If you do not have your forms in on time I am not afraid to cancel your events.
These forms need to be in for liability issues.
Patrick: Safety is the biggest issue. If forms are in late, especially with alcohol, then
safety will be in question.
Leah: If any questions, please ask and we can walk you through it and help you.
Steven: If you do not fill out the post event form in 48 hours, do you still get barred from
having another event?
Patrick: That is still the policy. I will email you and remind you, but just fill it out
because it is important.
Key Administrator Introductions/Conversations with Key Administrators
Dr. David Jones, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Mr. Mark Constantine, Director of the CSU and Student Activities
Dr. Robert “Bobby” Fleischman, Associate Provost
Mark: What do you perceive to be the role of these organizations on campus? These
experiences prepare you for future leadership, and community engagement. Fraternity and
sorority leadership is usually the people who are involved as leaders in other places on campus
and I hold you to higher standard because of this. Greeks are the people who are involved in the
Mankato community with volunteering and helping organizations. The brothers and sisters that
you meet here are your friends for life. When you are seniors you will realize that these are the
people that are there for you and have been there for you. I have some expectations and advice
for you:
Be better than the rest. Don’t take the easy way out. I challenge you to reach
higher. You cannot do this yourselves, you need to make sure your other officers and members
of your chapters are also trying to do better.
Take positive risks. I say risks not in a risky manner, but have fun. There are a lot
of things out there that can be challenging and have fun with it. Do things that you have not done
before, have those events that you dream of. I heard Chandler say that he has had some events
that people did not think were possible, but they made it possible by planning correctly.
You’re only as strong as your weakest member. I believe in tough love. We need
to know when to pat them on the back or kick them in the ass. Challenge those members that
need to be challenged. Sometimes you have to let people go in order to better the group. I love
that our chapters are all about the Greek system rather than about our individual fraternity and
sorority chapters. I love that we are a group and focus on bettering the community rather than our
own chapters. Take pride in what you do. Challenge people. Yearly events are important, but
sometimes it’s good to do something a little bit different. [You recruit the people you have. If
you have members that continue to make destructive decisions, then those members will recruit
people like them. Cut ties with these members that bring your organization down].
Recruitment: Our numbers have been good the last few years. I root for the
underdog. So who are the people that are looking for a group? Look at the people that need a
little extra encouragement, people that are a little shyer, but are looking for something to affiliate
themselves with. Take a look at the people that can keep the system strong even if they are not
the most outgoing.
Hunter: Is there anything we can do to make your jobs easier?
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
Mark: Communication is really important. Ask questions if you need to.
Talk to the people you need to. Get involved in other groups. We are pretty fortunate that our
leadership teams do a great job.
DJ: Is there anything that the CSU can do to promote Greek Life, rather than us
doing it all on our own?
Mark: If you have some ideas that would be more helpful to you then let’s
get together and talk about those and see how we can be helpful. We are willing to do whatever
we can do to help make those ideas possible.
Stone: I don’t mean to challenge you. You said that we can come in and meet
with you, but is that realistic? I have had meetings with people that send you to online forms
rather than want to meet with us.
Mark: I challenge you right back. My name is Mark Constantine, my
office is CSU 220. If you want to make a meeting with me every day for 30 minutes a day, then
let’s do that. I cannot come up with the ideas for you, but if you have ideas I will do my best to
help you with those ideas.
Stone: What would you like us to come to you with if we have ideas?
Mark: Talk to your council and chapter members, talk to John and Marissa
because they are your primary contacts. Then once you have these ideas, come to me and we will
make it happen. But work things out before hand to have solidified ideas.
Stone: There are a lot of staff on campus that are affiliated with Greek
organizations, how can we get them to voice that more?
Mark: Have we had any ideas for faculty to identify that they are Greek?
John: HR was not willing to work with us on helping us with finding out
faculty that is Greek.
Mark: We could do something like Greek Affiliation Day.
David: What are you trying to accomplish?
Stone: I want to make it more relatable to the students that we do
not get to meet or get a chance to talk to. I think it would be easier if we could have professors
open about being Greek to reach these individuals.
Brett: We are trying to do a campaign as to why people should go Greek.
Break for dinner
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
7:45 (continued from before dinner)
David: To see what you guys have been able to do is amazing. Hearing that you guys are
so close to 500 is great. We have done two versions of a Greek Alum Newsletter. When we send
those newsletters out we hear back from them and they are excited too. Some concrete things
that I hope to take that Greek communication to a better place. I want to make sure that we are
building the right infrastructure right now to allow alum to feel welcome and comfortable
fostering donations to the Greek Community and their chapters. We have committed to Greek
housing. An undergraduate for each chapter, and an alum for each chapter are meeting to help
develop a Greek Housing community. We are talking with a consultant and after that it will be at
the University level, we will decide if we like it, if we can afford it, and where we would place it.
We have land that we are trying to decide what to do with. We are looking at Student Housing
and if we want some of that housing to be Greek Housing. If we come up with a solution that
makes sense, we would like to move forward on that. We need alum participation, investment
and interest in that in order to make that plausible. A lot of our foundation board is Greek
members and we would like to continue to further the MSU investment in Greek Life.
Bobby: I have always had respect for people in fraternities and sororities because you
welcome people. You make them feel welcome on campus. I am very interested in what our
students are doing and what their interest are. We all have relationships that we are forming now
[in college], that are relationships we will keep. Our purpose [Office of Academic Affairs] is that
you graduate and contribute to purposeful careers; that you improve on the lives that you have
now and that you give back to the community. We have the opportunity to work with people like
Greeks and it is a wonderful opportunity. I have a say in buildings and handle the MSU academic
budgets. I always think about the students when I review budgets and professor contracts. It is
very important to us that students graduate and gets the very best experience they can at MSU.
Challenges we see in academic affairs are that we evaluate where funds go and look over that
they are going to bring value to academic success.
When we talk about social media- use it responsibly, use it to your advantage. Don’t
allow yourself to be in a situation where you have to worry about what you put on
social media when you are applying for a job.
 Do not be driven by money, but do what you are passionate about. We spend so much
time at work that you really need to love it.
Hunter: How do you see Greek Life at MSU?
Bobby: When I saw what it means to you, it was so nice to see people that are
relationship orientated and create a sense of belonging, brotherhood and sisterhood. You are
forming relationships that you will endure for a lifetime and with people that you will continue to
connect with. I am very impressed with the passion that I have seen. It is on my radar and I am
excited about what you are doing. I look forward to communication with the Greek community
and coming to future events.
Riley to Dr. Jones: How available are you to talk about how you got your job?
David: I am very open about it and we can talk about it more later.
Mark: Get assistantships, if you can avoid paying for Graduate school then do
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
Bobby: MSU has about 500 assistantships, not all are full tuition waivers, but they
David: The opportunities are there.
John: You can look on the website for what assistantships are available and what
they are looking for. Also, what preference is given to people that are in certain types of fields.
Caleb: Is there anything that presidents can do to help move along with Greek Housing?
David: The first step is to do a survey about what we can do for you, what you
guys want. We are trying to come up with a better mechanism for communication. Maybe that be
a website or something else. We are just now looking into it and we need to know what is
important to you. Please reserve judgement until we are further in the process and can decide on
more details.
Caleb: Will it fall down on statistics, too?
David: Of course, we can look into what other communities
did. Possibly small houses, or just a Greek community center rather than houses. We need to
decide what is right for our campus. We would like for you to have a place where you can have
your rituals and have the space as the Greek community and chapters get larger.
Brett: My chapter does not have a rep. Can I send one?
David: Yes, I believe your chapter has a lot of alumni involved.
Brett: You talked about an alumni newsletter. Can we put that on the Maverick Greeks
David: Absolutely.
John: We are looking at Greeks taking the alumni newsletter back over.
Nicole: Do you have any ideas on how we can make our Greek presence more known?
David: Where are your artifacts on our campus that make you known? I can see
athletics and arts, is there a way that we can demonstrate what Greeks are about? A place we can
put up all the shields of all the chapters?
Haley: The Greek Office is secluded. We are looking at ways that we can make
Greek Life more known.
Bobby: I am sure that Greeks are involved in other places in the community.
Involvement engagement is how we get the community to see “Wow we have a Greek Life and
they help all the time”
David: You guys do a great job at homecoming, but if I go to another sporting
event, will I see you there?
John: We have planned Greek Week so there is an admitted student open house
and our Greek Olympics takes place where admitted students will be. I think that sometimes
Greeks need to be in other places where people are rather than where Greeks are.
Riley: I think we need to use Greek Week as more of a tool.
Stone: Could we sell items on campus that are Greek letters?
Nicole: I do not believe that we could because our campus does not respect our
Jesse: I think there a lot of locations that we could put our shields.
Michael: Who pulls rosters for us?
John: In order to get the alumni rosters, you need to go through me. They are
probably more accurate than your Nationals rosters.
Chapter of the Year/Awards Program Discussion
Greek Leadership Retreat
January 8-9, 2015
Awards are due February 12th. The presentation is worth 6 points and there has to be 4
members in the presentation and one has to be a member that was initiated the last semester. 7
judges will review the awards packet and 3 judges will judge the presentation.
DJ: The Brotherhood and Sisterhood awards will not be given out if not all chapters fill it
out. This is also on Orgsync.
Brett: If your chapter gets an award or does something cool, let Haley or I know so we
can recognize you for that.
Friday, January 8, 2016
IFC/PHC Joint Meeting Time/ Counterpart Time
Chapter Presidents Meet with John
10:05 IFC/PHC Separate Meetings
10:55 Being your Brothers’ or Sisters’ Keeper
12:15 Goal Setting/Lunch
Spring Community Goals:
 3.14 GPA
 Average of 12 Hours of community service per member
 Each chapter reports all community service hours per month
 $20,000 for Dance Marathon
 Each member supports 3+ other chapters philanthropy events
 One social exchange being a community service event
 Each Fraternity intiating 3 more members than they initiated Spring 2015