Planning Sub Meet and Confer Strategic Priorities and the Future

Sub Meet and Confer
Strategic Priorities and the Future
of Minnesota State University
Planning Sub Meet and Confer Members:
Michael Fagin, John Frey, Scott Johnson, Sean McGoldrick, Carol Stallkamp, Chris
Connolly, Jeff Iseminger, Jim Grabowska, Paul Schwinghammer, Glen Peterson,
Maureen Prenn, Lynne Weber, Gregg Marg, Perry Wood, Cindy Janney,
Gael Mericle, Mark Johnson, Rose Marie Ley
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Mission of Planning Sub Meet and Confer
Mission Statement of MSU
Progress on Current Strategic Priorities
Review Proposed New Strategic Priorities
Open Discussion
– Questions or Comments on the Priorities
– Future Vision of MSU
• Where will MSU be in 2010
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Goals of Open Forums
• Campus understanding of progress/status
on current priorities as a whole
• Discussion of future priorities
• Broader discussion of the future of MSU
• Move Strategic Plan document - out of
Draft (Gamma)
• Planning will draft a summary report to the
campus of the thoughts of the campus
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Planning Mission
As a body with representation from many facets of the University
community, this sub-meet and confer leads the medium to long-range
planning of the University from a holistic viewpoint. This committee
solicits and reviews reports and proposals from other groups on
campus and makes recommendations to the administration with the
intention of coordinating the development and implementation of
strategic priorities as well as future plans.
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Mission Statement
The Mission of Minnesota State University, Mankato is
to promote learning through effective undergraduate
and graduate teaching, scholarship, and research in
service to the state, the region, and the global
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Strategic Priorities
Current Priorities Status
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Promote Diversity
• Provide effective advocacy for diverse populations on
• Help improve communication across campus on diversity
• The University will
– establish workshops and mini-grants for faculty to integrate
diversity components into their teaching.
– develop and implement a diversity orientation program for all
– develop and implement a mentoring program for new faculty.
– implement the Diversity Recruitment Plan developed jointly by
the Office of Admissions and the Office of Institutional Diversity.
– strengthen the office infrastructure of the LGBT Center to enable
their support of diverse populations.
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Establish a Distance Learning Plan
• Create an administrative structure and process for the
development and enhancement of e-learning programs.
– MNOnline accreditation
• Develop and implement 3-5 Distance Learning
• Provide support and incentives for the development and
enhancement of distance learning programs.
– (best practices, GAs, training thru IT, travel support, reassigned
time, RIP, and summer stipends)
• Develop and implement a funding mechanism that
provides incentives to colleges, departments, and
programs involved in the development of e-learning
Distance Education
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Review and Enhance Graduate
• Create funding mechanisms that allow the
University to grow and improve select graduate
– Differential tuition
• Modify, expand, and create graduate programs.
(grow or eliminate based on viability)
• Revise and simplify existing graduate school
policies and procedures to reduce bureaucracy
and improve the graduate student experience.
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Enhance Academic Excellence in
Undergraduate Studies
• Enhance Curriculum
– Increase standards in degree programs
– Enhance accreditation and program review
– Clarify admission, retention and graduation standards within majors
– Develop General Education course content clusters
• Enhance Faculty Academic Quality
– Innovative ways to reduce Faculty workload
• Enhance Student Academic Quality
– Enhance Academic Advising services
– Establish Academic Honor Code
– Enhance funding for Center for Academic Success
– Establish more student study areas
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Develop and Implement Campuswide Plans
Master Plan
Fund Raising
Enrollment Management
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Master Plan
• Enhance the pedestrian nature of campus
• Improve campus to meet student’s needs
– ( concourse connection between CSU & Library;
implement more student lounges )
• Provide a variety of residential options
– Planning for a new "neighborhood"
• Create a strong sense of place
– Refine architectural guidelines; campus “entryways”
Resolve Stadium Road conflicts and standards with
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Fund Raising
• The University…
– has identified a comprehensive needs list for
a new capital campaign.
– is reshaping the fundraising roles of directors
of development in colleges.
– is re-establishing a planned giving program.
– will increase its private support in 2004-05
and subsequent years.
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• Develop and Implement a Public Relations
& Marketing Plan.
– Initiate an RFP to solicit proposals for a
University wide marketing plan.
– Select a consultant to develop a public
relations and marketing plan.
– Organize discussion groups and open forums
to elicit input
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Enrollment Management
• By 2010,…
– 20% of students will come from outside MN.
– MSU will
• grow to 15,000 FYE
Undergrads will represent 85% of the student population;
15% grad
• MSU will…
– increase the number of transfer students to no less than 1,000.
• MSU will significantly improve retention and graduation rates.
• MSU will increase the proportion of nontraditional age
undergraduate students, international students, underrepresented
US ethnic groups, “high ability” students, new freshmen students
who rank in the upper half of their high school class and first year
students with an ACT score of 21 or higher, contract admissions.
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Strategic Priorities
• Living document – point to begin
• Much has been accomplished
• Funding was critical to the success of
these projects
• Many task forces have developed into
permanent committees
• Questions or comments?
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Strategic Priorities
Next Strategic Priorities
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• Raise awareness of the cost of illness to the
University and work as a university community
• Review and assess existing programs relating to
health and wellness issues for students and
• Make recommendations that incorporate
wellness initiatives into the curriculum and
professional development activities.
• Evaluate support services for wellness initiatives
and make recommendations for any needed
infrastructure and resources.
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• Promote study abroad experiences for
domestic students
• Enrich the multi-cultural environment
• Enhance services
• Increase the number of International
students studying at MSU
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Next Strategic Priorities
• These are medium term items
• Professional Development has been an
important goal as well
• Questions or comments?
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Questions for Discussion
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By 2010 and beyond, what major directions or changes
do you anticipate in facilities, students, mission,
program or technical priorities?
– What will our campus look like?
– How will our students change? What adjustments
should we make to accommodate these changes?
– What directions in academic programs do you see?
– New initiatives? Expansions?
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Thank You
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