Action Items from August Subgroup Meeting • Status of unknown Facilities:


Action Items from August Subgroup


• Status of unknown Facilities:

– Long EZ (Dobosy) will not participate

– Xpol and 2D video disdrometer networked with 5 tipping bucket raingauges will participate


– Office of Army Research multi-beam, passive remote sensing instrument (Bach) – still unknown

• Add. Facility Information:

– Complete Lidar and Radar Information from PIs (incl. safety procedures) to request waiver from FAA

• Specs complete

• NCAR safety procedures documents are done

• Need information from other agencies

• Trevino (FAA) to review

– Communications Capabilities on Aeromet Learjet:

• Learjet does not have any Satcom system or line-of-sight communication systems

• Standard VHF radios, no details yet

– Cost to upgrade Learjet from a 4 to a 8-sonde system:

• Cost estimate and statement of work was requested 22 Octobe 2001 from Aeromet

• 8-channel dropsonde system consists of two 4-channel systems, which ATD can make available for IHOP

• Requires two Aeromet operators on Dropsonde Learjet (will be included in cost estimate)

• $4,000 in material and supplies (RF power dividers, amplifiers etc.)

• Requires twice the rack space

• Flight Operations

– Aircraft tracks

All Aircraft tracks have been modified and posted for review

Flight tracks now show horizontal as well as side views

Produce flight tracks on FAA backgrounds for play book – maps will be provided by FAA by 5 November.

Provide aircraft tracks and flight play book to FAA

Schedule for all planes exists

– Meeting with military representatives for MOAs (Vance and Texas border) set for 13 November 2001. Material was provided in advance.

– Smaller aircraft meeting planned 2 days prior to

November planning meeting

– Details about NRL NP4 Training for NRL P-3 Scientists is posted on IHOP web site

• Flight Operations (cont.)

– Aircraft track data and associated displays with overlays (visit FAA and see tactical display and see about getting aircraft track displays) – meeting set up for October 28

– Communication including voice to ops center

– General aircraft utilization

– Small add-ons to aircraft carrying just lidars

– How to bring up flight hours on some planes (i.e., do we need an Office of Army Research funded aircraft or a just an Office of Army Research funded instrument?)

– Dropsonde

Are our plans realistic (in terms of number of drops)?

The OFAP approved 400 sondes (300 on dedicated dropsonde aircraft and 100 sondes for Falcon) within the scope of the $2.3 million allocation.

Settle on an aircraft(s) for dropsondes after looking at heights, on station time, length of time at the experiment—then see if a permission letter is needed.

Lynn Rose (Aeromet) was contacted on 25 October and asked to provide a Statement of Work and a cost estimate (120 flight hours on the Learjet

36A, 6 week participation) after the Project Office received a go-ahead from NSF.

Number of sondes in the air

A 8-channel system (two 4-channel AVAPS systems) may be possible on the Aeromet Learjet depending on operator and space availability. Will be addressed in SOW and cost estimate

Real-time data communication (impossible or easy)

Not possible from the Aeromet Learjet or Falcon

• Surface Stations

– Provide recommendations to Van Baelen regarding location of additional GPS sensors

– Carry out land-use survey, GIS data base (ABL)

– Provide S. Richardson with any additional data requirements from OK Mesonet (non-qc’ed soil moisture data and FTP access)

– ASOS – cooperation between FSL and project office

– NWS badgering for new tapes and surface obs ?

– Priority list to Cress: what ARM data streams are most important and what data are needed in real time (any additional)—(general) disseminate discussion related to

ARM involvement in IHOP to Cress, Lilligren and Voyles

• Mobile Armada

– Check cell-phone coverage in IHOP area and identify gaps

– Produce map with all paved roads (list of roads with clay?)

– Develop Plan B if Freewave system doesn’t work

– Decide on secondary Ops Center for mobile facilities

Ops Center

– Communications (with airplanes, with mobile facilities etc.; Phone recording at Ops Center)

– Determine timing of daily meetings

– Get commitments on who does forecasting and nowcasting

– Identify people by name for Project Control responsibilities

– How forecasts will work with SPC, HPC, NESDIS, etc.

Action Items (cont’d)

• Staff for all systems in the field (staffing questionnaire) – will be part of logistics questionnaire

• Strong need for interagency communication at funding level

• Ops center (cont.)

– Outside help – weather channel, Ed Szoke

– Need a forecast team planning meeting

– Determine # of people at center

• Data Streams and Archival

– Real-time access of level II for list of sites and archival of WSR 88D data and provision in real time to Ops

Center (Kelvin discussion)

– Archival of two military radars—Vance and Frederick-work on real time

– Availability of GOES rapid scan (CERA-NESDIS)

– Can we get dropsonde data on GTS

– Data questionnaire

• Get modelers more involved in experimental design

– Will any one else step up besides FSL and CAPs with planning?

– Make sure all data on modeler list gets into the models

– Make sure NESDIS filters are not on and GTS works start to finish (check ARM data etc.)

– Parallel model evaluation team for nowcast and short time forecasts (0-9 h)