Document 17986770

CP&P 5-23
(rev. 10/2006)
[Name and address of person being asked for reference]
RE: [Prospective or approved resource family
Dear [Name]:
The person(s) named above has applied to Child Protection and Permanency to be a resource
family parent (foster/adoptive parent or relative/family friend caregiver) for a child and your
name was given as reference.
In order to avoid unnecessary changes in children’s lives, we are seeking people who can provide
a safe, stable and nurturing environment. To assist us in making an assessment of this individual
and the family, please answer the questions on the attached form to the best of your knowledge
and return the form to me at the following address:
[Local Office/ Sponsoring Agency Address]
Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Very truly yours,
Agency Representative