OOE POLICY # 36 ATTACHMENT 14 (School Letterhead)

(School Letterhead)
(Referring person from district)
Inside address
Student: _________________________
As you know from the notification from the Office of Education, the above named
student has been accepted into the education program at the DCF Regional
School, __________ Campus. Your district Superintendent has received a letter
of acceptance and a Tuition Contract Agreement from the Department of
Children and Families, Office of Education. For a student with a disability, the
child study team services, including the development of the Individualized
Education Program (IEP), will be provided by your district: however, for a general
education student, our school will be responsible for the development of the
Individualized Program Plan (IPP).
So that we may provide appropriate educational services, please forward copies
of the following student records and district requirements as soon as possible:
Student’s State Identification Number (NJ SMART ID#)
Statewide Assessment Test results
Achievement Test results
Photocopy of the permanent record card
District High School Graduation requirements
District Attendance requirements
These mandated student records can be forwarded without parental consent
(only parental notification is required) as stipulated by N.J.A.C. 6A:32-7.5 (f).
With respect to the student record, the original files will remain with your district.
This program shall maintain a copy as required.
Your district will be notified of this student’s progress as long as she/he remains
in this placement.
If you have any questions, please contact me at the above number/address.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Supervisor of Education
c: Student record