Note: APA format. Print out this sheet and staple on... ABET

Note: Must be done and submitted individually. All references should be cited in
APA format. Print out this sheet and staple on top of the assignment.
Grading Sheet
Skill Set
3.c., 3.e. Finding Information
3.i., 3.k.
3.b., 3.i.,
3.e., 3.g.
To what extent does the work show
that the student understood the
problem and was able to formulate
and execute an appropriate search
strategy? Did they follow
Locating Information
To what extent does the work
demonstrate quality searching?
Does it show that library search
tools were used (as opposed to
Analyzing Information
To what degree are the information
sources cited relevant and
Synthesizing Information
Does the work show that the student
was able to condense and
summarize the information
regardless of format?
Presenting Information
To what extent are findings
presented in an appropriate style
and format?
Score using rubric, where:
4= Complete
3= Nearly Complete
2= Moderate
1= Poor
0= None
Maximum score = 20 points
1. Select a substance from Table B.1 that begins with the same letter as your first
name or the nearest possible letter (for example Andy -> Aniline). Find and report
the following data for this substance in references other than the course text or
CD, and properly cite the references. The information should be neatly organized
so that the reader can easily review the information as well as the citations.
Complete units should be included where appropriate.
1. basic physical properties for the chemical (specific gravity, molecular weight,
melting and boiling points, Antoine constants, heat of vaporization, heat of
heat capacity). If you find that some physical properties are missing for your
chemical, choose another species with complete physical properties.
2. examples of how the chemical is used in different industrial applications or in
industrially important reactions
3. toxicity data
4. environmental hazards
5. at least three companies that manufacture this product
6. worldwide demand or sales for this chemical; and
7. unit pricing ($/kg, $/gal, etc.) (note: this should reflect bulk pricing, not pricing
small units from Fisher Scientific, etc.)
2. From the FR&B textbook index, select a technical topic that begins with the
same letter as your last name or the nearest possible letter (for example Brent ->
Bubble point). Find three papers (not web sites) in the recent literature that deal
with this topic. Copy and paste their citation information and abstracts. Find these
three papers, photocopy or print out their first pages, and attach them to the
Hint: to find these papers, go to the NCSU Libraries Database Finder
( and select 1 or 2 databases to
search. Some suggested databases to use: EI Compendex, Web of Science,
SciFinder Scholar, or Applied Science and Technology Index.