Home Lunch Handout

Home Lunch Handout
Meal planning is a way to create meals that are healthy and nutritious, time-efficient,
and cost-effective. There may be times when cooking and preparing meals may be
easier or more difficult.
Here are some things to consider when planning your family’s meals:
1. The Perfection to Strive For – 2 times per week or more
2. The Healthy Moderation for Most of the Time – 2 times per week
3. The Okay for Some of the Time – once in a while
Basic Meal Pattern:
1. Protein
2. Starch
3. Fruits/Vegetables
4. Calcium
5. Beverage
Lunch Categories:
1. Sandwiches
2. Bentos
3. Leftovers
4. Convenience Food Put Together
Munch on a Home Lunch
Spring, 2007