May 14, 2012 - Dr. Melanie Brewster (the “Editor(s)”)

May 14, 2012
- Atheists in America: Narratives from an Invisible Minority (the “Work”)
- Dr. Melanie Brewster (the “Editor(s)”)
- Narrative addressing write your narrative topic here (the “Contribution”)
Dear ________,
This letter confirms the agreement between you and Columbia University Press (the “Press”)
regarding the above-referenced Contribution of approximately 1500 to 4000 words in length,
prepared by you in the English language. You understand that the Press wishes to include your
Contribution in the above-referenced Work. In order to facilitate publication by the Press of the
Work, you agree to deliver the Contribution to the Editor on or before June 1, 2012 and to
execute this consent and return it to the editor as soon as possible. You shall deliver to the Editor
one (1) digital copy of the complete Contribution and all illustrations, maps, charts and other
graphics necessary or appropriate in a format specified by the Press, in accordance with
guidelines provided by the Press upon execution of this Agreement and satisfactory to the Press
in content, size, form, medium and format. The provisions of this paragraph concerning the time
of delivery and the content, size, and form of the Contribution are of the essence of this
agreement and the obligations of the Press under this agreement are contingent upon their strict
fulfillment. The Press will not be responsible for loss or damage to your property in its possession
hereunder and may dispose of same as it determines, unless other arrangements are agreed to by
the Press in writing. You will make and retain complete copies of all materials delivered to the
Press so that lost or damaged materials may be duplicated and replaced if necessary.
In consideration of publication you hereby grant, convey and assign to the Press, the entire
literary property, including the copyright, for the entire term of any copyright and any renewal or
extension thereof, the world-wide exclusive right and license to publish, reproduce, republish,
distribute, sell, transfer, transmit and publicly display copies of the Contribution, in whole or in
part, in connection with and as part of the Work, in any and all languages and translations and in
all formats and media and by any method, device, or process, and through any channels, now
known or later conceived or developed; and the exclusive right to license or otherwise authorize
others to do all of the foregoing, and the right to assign and transfer the rights granted hereunder.
You also hereby grant to the Press the right and license to use and to license to others to use my
name, likeness, biographical information and professional credits on copies of the Contribution
and the Work and in connection with rights granted to the Press hereunder and in advertising,
marketing, and promotion in connection therewith. You shall provide to the Press such name,
likeness, biographical information and professional credits in the form and substance as requested
by the Press. You understand that you are to receive one copy of the Work upon publication, as
payment for your Contribution therein.
The Press makes no guarantee that the Contribution will be included in the Work or that the Work
will be published.
You warrant that you are the sole author of the Contribution; that the Contribution is not in the
public domain and has never before been published in whole or in part in any form or, if
previously published, copyright was duly obtained in your name and you have the right to grant
the rights herein granted to the Press; that the Contribution has been properly researched and factchecked and is not, to the best of your knowledge, inaccurate, unsubstantiated or likely to cause
injury or damages to persons or property; that the Contribution contains no matter which is
libelous, in violation of any copyright, proprietary or personal right and are not otherwise
actionable; that you have not in any manner otherwise encumbered or disposed of the rights
herein granted to the Press; and that you have received permission to use any material quoted or
reproduced therein which has been previously published and copyright obtained in the name of a
party other than the editor/author or yourself.
You shall indemnify the Press and its transferees and licensees of rights in the Contribution and
hold them harmless from any claim or proceeding (and any resulting expense or damage,
including costs and reasonable attorneys fees) which is asserted or instituted by reason of any
publication or sale of the Contribution and arising out of the content of the Contribution or any
part thereof. You shall cooperate in the defense of any such claim or proceeding, and, during the
pendency thereof, the Publisher may withhold payments, if any, due under this or any other
agreement between you and the Press.
If at any time after the date of publication the Press decides that demand does not justify
continued publication the Press may declare the Work out of print and discontinue publication.
Upon your request, after the effective termination date, the Press shall transfer and assign to you
the copyright and all rights to your Contribution herein granted to the Press by you, subject to the
right of the Press to dispose of its remaining stock and subject to any rights that the Press may
have granted to third parties.
The representations, warranties, agreements, and indemnities set forth herein shall survive any
termination of this Agreement.
The agreement expressed in this letter shall inure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of
the Press.
James D. Jordan
President and Director
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