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Promotion to Grade 9 Lecturer/Research Fellow 2006 – 2011, accompanying notes
‘Total Eligible Staff’ data is taken as at 31 March each year and is the total number of
academic and research staff employed by the institution on that date, regardless of their
grade and contract type;
In the categories of ethnicity and nationality, a small percentage of staff have not declared this
information, therefore the figures in the numbers column do not add up to the total number of
academic and research staff. The percentages shown in each of these categories have been
calculated by using the total number of people who disclosed this information rather than the
total number of academic and research staff in that year;
The new Annual Review Procedures for Academic and Research Staff were introduced in the
academic year 2008-09 – this analysis looks at the last three years of the previous
procedures and the first three years of the current procedures;
All staff appointed on Academic with Research contracts are appointed on Grade 9 or above,
so all applicants for promotion to Grade 9 are either on Academic (A) contracts or Research
(R) contracts;
Given that the numbers applying are small, it has not been possible to draw any significant
conclusions from the statistics.
Future Action
An Equality Impact Review of the promotion procedures for academic and research staff is currently
underway. These statistics will be considered by the review panel and be used as part of the
information on which any recommendations for future actions are based.
Equality and Diversity
January 2012