Stage 31 Test Study Guide Nōmen _____________________ i. lege fabulam novam!

Stage 31 Test Study Guide
Nōmen _____________________
i. lege fabulam novam!
ii. English short answer comprehension questions about what happened in the story
iii. Multiple choice grammar questions about specific words/lines from the story
Questions can include: what tense, voice, mood is the verb
What type of subjunctive (result clause, purpose
clause, indirect command, etc)
What type of ablative/what type of genitive
iv. Translate ablative absolute phrases into Latin- review the types of
participles/when to use each participle/endings each participle takes, etc
-Part four is the same as the ablative absolute graded practice
v. Translate negative indirect commands and negative purpose clauses into English
vi. Write negative indirect commands and purpose clauses that correctly complete a
Latin verb prompt
vii. Short answer culture questions in English about patronage and Roman societymake sure you know all the Latin terms associated with the various social
classes, etc
Know the pyramid!
viii. Identify the places labeled on a map of ancient Rome (page 224)
ex: where you would go to visit the palaces of the emperors (you would pick
the number identifying the Palatine Hill)