Honors II Stage 24 Study Guide/Test Format

Honors II
Stage 24 Study Guide/Test Format
I. lege fabulam!
read a new story- continuation of stage 24 storyline
II. English questions about the storyshort answer comprehension ??s- do you know what happened
answer in English!
III. Short answer ???s about the grammar from the story
You tell me- what tense? what case? what type of participle? etc
IV. Subjunctive Formation- supply the correct verb given an English
translation- no principal parts given!
ex. When I had led duxissem
see page 16 in packet for more examples- know irregular verbs! Review the list of “must know
verbs on the class website!
V.Translate English sentences with cum clauses into Latin
Review the extra practice sentences and answers on the website!
There will be a number of sentences and you will choose several to translate.
VI. Identify and translate verb forms
Is it a present active participle? imperative? pluperfect indicative?
see page 25 in packet
VII. Short answer ?s about impt concepts from culture reading