1. All athletes must demonstrate appropriate behavior at school and away games. All teachers will be
notified that you have made the team. Any teacher emails regarding academics or behavior, discipline
slips, or ISS will be dealt with immediately. You represent your team and school at all times. Do not
use profanity during practices or games.
2. All athletes must follow the dress code at school and away games.
3. All athletes must meet eligibility requirements to play basketball. If you are failing a class, your playing
time will be affected. If you receive ISS or OSS, you will not be allowed to practice or play in specified
4. No drugs/alcohol/tobacco allowed. You will be suspended indefinitely.
5. All practices are mandatory and open gyms are optional. You must report to practice on time.
Absences, tardies, or leaving practice early will be made up after or before practice through extra
conditioning and may affect a player’s status on the team. On game days, students must be at school
half a day to be eligible to play that night. If you are absent, please contact Coach Davies at ext.
230342 or Coach Smith at 770-298-2575.
6. All athletes will be required to ride the team bus back from away games unless a parent signs a waiver
form provided by the coach.
7. Players should be positive during practice and games. Encourage each other and be enthusiastic.
Remember to always use good sportsmanship.
8. Do not get upset because the coaches are critical of your play. Being able to accept constructive
criticism is the first step to improvement.
9. If you have a problem with a coach or another player, communicate your issue in the proper manner
and at the proper time. Do not let an altercation grow into something that can hurt you or the team.
10. Be serious at each practice session. In practice, we will be developing the attitudes, skills, and
proficiencies that will make us a successful team. Go through drills and situations full speed. You will
play like you practice.
11. Due to possible injury to you and others, you will not wear any jewelry to practice and you must cut your
nails. Leave all valuables in the locker room. Coaches and managers will not be responsible for your
12. NEVER argue with any coaches or officials.
13. Pay attention to what the coaches are telling you at all times. You should not be looking or
communicating with anyone in the stands.
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