Our Location and Our Country’s Geography Name______________________________Section_____Number_____

Our Location and Our Country’s
Lessons 3.1-3.2
Study Guide
Test Date: ____________________
Some suggestions for helping your child to study:
Try to study for 5-10 minutes a night for a few nights leading up to the test, instead of
studying for a large block of time the night before.
The first night, just read through the study guide with your child so that they know
what is on the test, and so that you know how much they need to study for it.
A few days before the test, ask your child the information as questions. Highlight any
information they don’t know readily, and focus only on that for the next few nights.
Information on the test:
Students will need to label the hemispheres.
A set of flashcards is attached with vocabulary words.
We will continue to practice latitude and longitude in class, as students will
answer 4 questions finding places on a map using JUST latitude or JUST
Students should be familiar with the following information:
 A globe shows the true shapes of continents and oceans.
 The closer you live to the equator, the warmer your weather will
be (usually).
 Places near the equator are warmer because they get more direct