Photographic composition within the picture area. Follow these handy tips:

Photographic composition is simply the selection and arrangement of subjects
within the picture area. Follow these handy tips:
1. Have a strong center of interest.
2. Divide your picture area into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. Subject
should be slightly off center.
3. Know all the angles. Try several.
4. Move in close. Fill up the picture area with your subject.
5. Make sure your horizon is straight.
6. Watch your background in the picture. Keep it simple.
7. Add a natural frame to your photographs by including foreground objects.
8. Include people or other subjects in scenic pictures in order to add interest and
to show size comparison.
9. Be aware of the colors in the photograph. Colorful backgrounds, clothing or
props help to add interest.
10. Keep people busy. Props help relax your subject.
11. Vary the mood of the picture by using various lighting techniques.
Frontlighting, backlighting, and sidelighting are all effective.
12. Plan for your pictures to tell a story. A photo story can show the beginning,
the middle, and the end of your favorite travels or events.
13. Identify the places of interest in your travels by making title pictures (People
standing next to sign identify locations).
14. Always try to create interest with your photographs. Plan your shots carefully.