Procedures to start Java Eclipse AP Computer Science

Procedures to start Java Eclipse
AP Computer Science
Open Java Eclipse from Desktop
Setting up Workspace
// only done once – always use same workspace
Warning Message Box > Select Run
Select Workspace
Browse to H drive or Student Drive
Name workspace: H:\APCS\YourFirstNameworkspace
Select Use this as the default and do not ask again
Creating New Project
Select File > New > JavaProject
Project name: FirstNameLab1
// Use default settings
Select Finish
Creating a Java Class
File > New > Class
Which method stubs would you like to create?
Select public static void main(String[ ] args)
Select Finish
Key in code for Student Class
Follow guidelines for each part covered in lesson
Show Line Numbers
Window Menu
Select Preferences
Run Program
Run Menu > Run As > Java Application
Can Select Always Save or be prompted to Save
Open General Tab
Open Editors Tab
Select Text Editors
Select Show line numbers