8 7 Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies
Empires of Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia and The Fertile Crescent
Directions: Answer the following questions using information from the World History
book, pgs 72-77.
1. The Sumerians were the first settlement of Mesopotamia. After some time, the citystate of Akkad rose up and took control of the land. King Sargon of Akkad developed his
city-state into the first major empire. Describe how the empire of Akkad came to an end.
Explain who Hammurabi was and what his significant achievement was.
2. Explain who the Hittites and Kassites were. Describe how each gained control of
3. Identify who the Assyrians were, and describe how they gained control of
Mesopotamia. Explain what their greatest achievement was.
4. Describe who the Chaldeans were, and explain how they gained control of
Mesopotamia. Identify their greatest accomplishment.
5. Explain who the Phoenicians were. Where did they live in relation to the previous
empires? Describe what their geography was like, and explain how they adapted to it.
Identify what their greatest achievement was, and how we benefit from it today.