Relay for Life Permission Slip

Relay for Life Permission Slip
Dear Parent/Guardian,
I give my child, ___________________ permission to participate in the Relay for
Life event which will take place on May 15th - May 16th. I understand that in order to
participate, my child must register as a team member on line, and raise a minimum of
$50.00. I have read and reviewed, with my child, the attached safety forms issued by the
American Cancer Society. My child and I understand that he/she will be required to
check-in with a designated adult team member upon arrival and then once every hour,
throughout the event. I understand that by signing this permission slip my child will be
required to remain at the Relay for Life event throughout the night.* I also understand
that West Forsyth High School, along with the American Cancer Society, is not
responsible for any injuries my child may inquire while at the event. I understand that if
my child should break the code of conduct issued by Forsyth County Board of Education
while at this event, he/she may be subject to disciplinary measures. By signing this
permission slip, I am stating that I agree with, and understand the above mentioned
* Exceptions may be made in the case of medical/family emergencies. Contact with your child’s designated adult
team member will be required prior to dismissing your child from the event.
Parent/Guardian Name: __________________________________
Signature: _________________________________ Date : ___________
I, ______________________, have read the above permission slip and am in agreement
with its contents.
Student Name: ____________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________ Date: ___________