Thanksgiving Guest

Thanksgiving Guest
You have just been told that you may invite anyone in the world to
your house as your guest for Thanksgiving dinner. You will be writing two
paragraphs. The first paragraph will be about your guest. Who will you
invite? Why have you chosen this particular guest? Try to write a creative,
interesting paragraph which has a good topic sentence to get your reader’s
interest and attention.
The second paragraph should be about your celebration. What will
you serve? What will you discuss? Will there be other guests? What do you
plan to do to make it worth his/her time? Plan the celebration carefully and
make sure it meets your special guest’s personality. Use the back of this
sheet to do some brainstorming about the two paragraphs.
1. ___ 5-8 sentences for EACH paragraph
2. ___ a topic sentence, 3-5 supporting sentences, and a concluding
Sentence for each paragraph
3. ___ a list of ideas on the back of this paper (brainstorming)
4. ___ a completed 4 square organizer with thoughts and ideas
5. ___ clearly edited and revised rough draft
6. ___ signature of adult who helped proofread your work
7. ___ final copy is neat and written in cursive or typed
8. ___ heading is included on the final copy (name, date, writing, title)
9. ___ all three papers stapled together with final copy on the back
Writing Assignment Due Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2010!