The Signs of fall

The Signs of fall
This week for writing, you will begin your Paragraph of the Week
writing assignments. This writing will need to be proofread, edited, and
then rewritten neatly. You will need to have the person who proofread
your copy write their signature at the bottom of the rough draft.
The first day of autumn is on September 22nd. On this day, the
sun’s rays will be directly over the earth at the equator.
Your topic this week is Signs of fall. You are to spend some time
sitting outside all alone. Be sure no one is around to disturb you. Listen
carefully, smell deeply, touch objects, slowly look around you….look up,
down, and to each side. Next, on the back of this paper, make a list of all
the signs of fall you can find using your senses (sight, smell, touch, taste,
and hear). Now, write one sentence in each square of the 4 square
organizer. This will help you write your paragraph on the blue rough draft
paper. Using the 4 square organizer, carefully write a paragraph in which
you describe the signs you have chosen, so that anyone reading your
paragraph will have a clear picture of what autumn is like in your
neighborhood. Be sure to develop a strong topic sentence with three to
five supporting sentences and a good concluding sentence.
1. ___ 5-8 sentences
2. ___ a topic sentence, 3-5 supporting sentences, and a concluding
3. ___ a list of ideas on the back of this paper (brainstorming)
4. ___ a completed 4 square organizer with thoughts and ideas
5. ___ clearly edited and revised rough draft
6. ___ signature of adult who helped proofread your work
7. ___ final copy is neat and written in cursive or typed
8. ___ heading is included on the final copy (name, date, writing, title)
9. ___ all three papers stapled together with final copy on the back
Possible Time-line:
Thursday: Brainstorm ideas about signs of fall on the back of this paper.
Friday: Complete the 4 square organizer to organize your thoughts.
Monday: Write a rough draft of your paragraph on the attached blue lined
Tuesday: Have someone proofread your paragraph and sign their name
on the rough copy.
Wednesday: Write or type your final copy.
Thursday: Turn in your paragraph to Mrs. Scott during Writing.
This assignment is due Thursday, September 23, 2010!