Screaming Blue Today the sky screams blue. Virginia bluebells resurrect


Screaming Blue

Today the sky screams blue.

Virginia bluebells resurrect from the extensive dead of winter.

A turquoise hue slants into the house.

I go outside to hear the the big, beautiful bluebird soaring into the cobalt sky.

The blueberries are Sapphire, glistening in the morning sunrise.

The bluefish thrive in the springtime pond, reflecting a royal teal.

The robin looks back on her eggs like a mother watching over her child, until darkness falls like a blanket over the land.


Today the world is white I awake to chalky fields Snowflakes dance in the fresh air Sparkling like diamonds A dove sits silently On a beautiful birch branch Waiting for sunlight Which will never come The pearly clouds are tough bodyguards Not giving in Never leaving Old thoughts flood my head Bright daisies and puffy marshmallows I wish for the cold to be over But for the first time I push those thoughts away And I marvel at the milky scenery outside my window Now I finally see The magnificent beauty of winter

Purple Finch

Today my world is purple A purple finch ventures out of her nest, crowning the sky with a vibrant lavender The flap of her wings warm the world like the sun after a storm She soars the Spinel sky as crocuses bloom below They dance to the song of her chirp And the trees smile in relaxation I look to the lilac clouds above me They float in harmony with the wind The sweet smell of grapes fills my nose As I enjoy the warmth of the world I realize, the sun is a plum Its periwinkle rays setting in the distance And as daytime turns to night, the purple finch returns to her nest And the violet world dissolves