Measurement Overview Purposes of Assessment Worksheet

Measurement Overview Purposes of Assessment Worksheet
This activity is often best done as a group activity, though the experiences and background of those in the
audience will need to be taken into account. You can combine/link this activity with the “characteristics of
effective measurement for RTI” worksheet later on in the module- just use some of the measurement tools on
this worksheet and see if you can answer the questions about reliability, validity, quick and simple to use, etc
etc. An alternate activity/homework assignment would be to assign some specific measurement tools to a group
and have them research the answers for both worksheets.
Purpose(s) of Assessment
 Make a list of all the tests you have learned about or have seen used in the school setting (or are
currently in use in your school)
 Try to decide what purpose(s) each test served
Name of Test
(Screening, Instructional Planning, Progress Monitoring, Program Evaluation)
Side Two: Is the Measurement Tool