2016 MESI Top Ten Challenge And the winners are. . .


2016 MESI

Top Ten Challenge

And the winners are. . .

This year’s top ten challenge

How is program evaluation like a rainbow?

10. Program evaluation is the prism that allows us to look at the rich elements making up any program.

9. It makes us rub our eyes and question: Are we really seeing what we think we see?



A rainbow is a bright reminder that the chaos of a storm is worth the effort.

7. Everyone is looking for the pot of gold at the end, but the real beauty lies in the circle of light it brings to those around it.

6. There's a pot of gold at the end of it . . . if your name is Michael Quinn Patton.

5. Both can bring you to tears.

4. There is no magic leprechaun making it happen.

3. Everyone is always looking for its end.

2. Both can inspire

“colorful” language.

The #1 reason that program evaluation is like a rainbow:

Gloomy skies, dark clouds.

Ignorance hovers, knowledge shudders.

Destructive winds, ominous thunders.

Disturbed stakeholders, confused funders.

Evaluation happens. Rainbow appears.

Happiness radiates.