Mrs. Lendy 1st Grade News September 21, 2015 Literacy/Reading

Mrs. Lendy
1st Grade News
September 21, 2015
*We have finished up the first math
unit. Students have been working on
partners of numbers up to 10.
Students are using math mountains
and circle drawings to help reinforce
these partners.
*We will continue to work with number
partners to help solve addition
problems. We will use circle drawings
to help us solve problems.
*We will begin to explore the math
strategy of counting on.
*We continue to review as well as
introduce and practice reading both
kindergarten and first grade high
frequency words. This week’s words are:
can, me
* We continue to work in the SRA
Reading Mastery program daily. This
program is a research based program
designed to help improve decoding and
ultimately fluency.
*We continue to read daily from a
variety of materials.
*We continue to work on upper and lower
case letter identification as well as sound
identification for each letter.
*We will work on identifying initial and
ending sounds in words.
Please continue to read nightly with
your child. Please keep book in folder
and return each day-even if the book
has not been mastered. We will read
it again at school.
Review high frequency words-both
new and previously learned.
Practice counting with your child.
He/she needs to be able to count
forward to 120 and backward from 30
by the end of the trimester.
Noteworthy News
Your child needs to be able to read
high frequency words within 3
seconds-no sounding out-for the word
to be considered mastered. First
graders are responsible for mastering
150 high frequency words by the end
of the year!
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