National Art Honor Society 2015-16 Submission- Due Thurs. Oct. 1

National Art Honor Society 2015-16 Submission- Due Thurs. Oct. 1 (Before 2:30 p.m. no exceptions)
This application can be found and copied from the Student Share (Student Share, WNHS, “Dropbox” folder below the “Day Academy” folder, DALY,
look for NAHS 14-15 Application word doc.) You also could scan your own hand written & completed version and email that &/ or fax your
completed information with - Attention to: Jacqueline Daly – WNHS @ 630-784-2158. Submission Requirements: I. through IV.
(5) Pieces of artwork (Artwork must be received as inserted JPEGs)
Artist Statement (2-3 sentences)
Record of Art Classes Taken
Grades received in said art classes
Digital copy of below format (located on the Student Share “R” drive in the DROPBOX /Daly) emailed to [email protected]
Your Name: _________________________
Access Period (not lunch):_____A or B
Grade: ______ Email:________________________________
Teacher:___________________________ Access Room #:_____
Art Classes that you have taken: (Photo, Painting, Drawing, etc.)
If Currently Enrolled in an Art Class:
Your 5 Pieces of Art Work and Your Written Artist Statement:
Below Example of 5 JPEG art pieces inserted into a document & artist statement (Done by former student Darren Fill) Please delete
the example before saving and sending your applications in and insert your images of your 5 best pieces of art work. Good Luck
Artist Statement: I hesitate to label my artwork as "my dark side," however; it is true that I find artwork a progressive
outlet for my feelings of anger and angst. Although my darker feelings may not be present the subject of my pieces, the colors and
textures within my artwork clearly portray my mood. Because of my unique style I feel that it is safe to say that everything I create
has a piece of who I am within the story of the picture. (Please delete Darren’s example from your copied, saved & emailed app.)