Sound Stories

Sound Stories
1. Choose a topic (For example; in the kitchen, in the backyard, superheros)
a. In the kitchen
b. In the backyard
c. Superheros
d. Cartoons
e. Winter/Summer/Autumn/Spring
f. Holidays
g. Shopping
h. Sport
i. Animals
j. Places (e.g. Australia, Antarctica etc)
2. Assign the child a letter (if there is a number of children, each child may be given a
different letter or a different topic)
3. Ask the child to think of 5-10 words that relate to their topic, beginning with their
assigned letter
4. Instruct the child to write a story about their topic using the word list they developed
5. Draw a picture of the story
6. Present it to the class
For example: If a child had difficulty pronouncing the letter ‘S’
1. The child is assigned the topic of superheros and the letter ‘S’
2. The child thinks of 5 wordsa. Strong
b. Superman
c. Save
d. Swift
e. Siren
3. The child puts the words into a short story:
‘Superman was very strong. When he heard the sirens of the police cars he was
swift to save the person in need.’
4. Ask the child to draw a picture of the story
5. The child then presents to the class.