University of the Week: The University of Tokyo

University of the Week: The University of Tokyo
The University of Tokyo currently has approximately 2,400 international students
from around 100 countries, who are passionately engaged in the pursuit of studies and
The University accepts a wide variety of international students because we believe
that myriad ideas from different angles and cross-cultural communication engendered
by our hosting of students and research fellows from various countries and regions
around the world are crucially important in fostering an environment for friendly
competition within the University, that is eager to serve as the consummate exchange of
diverse knowledge.
Orientation for Newcomers
We hold an orientation in April and October for newly enrolled international
students. Campus tour and welcome party are also held on the same day where you can
meet Japanese students, citizens and alumni of the University of Tokyo. This is a great
chance to create social relationship with local people which will help you to adjust to new
environment smoothly. Please feel free to participate.
(The orientation is given in Japanese with translation service into English and Chinese.)
To international students who wish to enroll in the University of Tokyo (Pleas Click
the Hyperlink for further information.)