Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™ Orientation Template

Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™
Orientation Template
This template is designed for you to use as a starting
point to create your presentation. The purpose is to
introduce Benchmarks for Learning Agility to your
participants and, as needed, other stakeholders.
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your specific initiative.
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Client/Organization Name
Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™
Orientation and Kickoff
• Introduce client initiative name
• Why are we doing the Benchmarks for
Learning Agility 360?
• Why with this group?
• Why now?
How it works
About the Center for Creative Leadership
• Global, nonprofit research-based educational
• World leader in publication and application of
leadership assessments
• Pioneered the use of 360-degree assessments in
confidential, development-focused feedback for
Important Lessons from 40 Years of Research
• People can learn, grow, and change.
• Self-awareness is the critical factor in effectiveness.
• A 360 view from people who know you well is a
valuable snapshot.
• Creating a plan for development greatly increases
odds for success.
What is Benchmarks for Learning Agility?
A 360-degree assessment that addresses one’s
willingness and ability to learn from experience
A confidential way of systematically collecting
your co-workers’ perceptions
A way to compare your feedback data to other
successful leaders
Benchmarks for Learning Agility is not…
A performance appraisal
A psychological profile
What Does Benchmarks for Learning Agility Measure?
Learning to Learn
Learning to Lead
Committed to making a difference
Insightful: sees things from new angles
Has the courage to take risks
Brings out the best in people
Acts with integrity
Seeks broad business knowledge
Adapts to cultural differences
Seeks opportunities to learn
Seeks and uses feedback
Learns from mistakes
Open to criticism
How Does It Work?
You select a group of raters
–Peers *
–Direct Reports *
*Minimum of 3 required for item-level feedback
Tips For Selecting Raters
The best raters for a 360 are usually people who:
Interact with you frequently
See you use the behaviors being rated
Timeline and Next Steps
– CCL sends you an invitation email to access your Benchmarks for Learning
– You submit your rater list online
– You complete your “self” survey online
– You monitor your rater status online
– Raters’ deadline for completing surveys
– Benchmarks for Learning Agility feedback workshop
– Confidential debrief session of your feedback report with certified facilitator
– Draft your development plan
– You meet with your boss to review development plan
– Monitor your goal progress regularly