Publishers that submit texts to AccessText Network

Publishers that submit texts to AccessText Network
AccessText is a conduit between the publishing world and colleges and universities across the country,
with a shared mission to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to their textbooks in an
accessible format and in a timely manner. These are publishers that provide accessible textbooks for
students with disabilities.
Cengage Learning
Charles C. Thomas Publisher
Construction Trades Press
Dunedin Academic Press
F. A. Davis Company
FIT Publisher
John Wiley & Sons
Jones & Bartlett Learning
Kogan Page
Labyrinth Learning
Lynne Rienner Publishers
Macmillan Higher Education
McGraw Hill Education
Pearson Education
Planning Shop
Pyrczak Publisher
Quintessence Publisher
Ramsey Education Solutions, The Lampo Group, Inc.
Rosetta Books
Sage Publications, Inc.
Sinauer Associates
Springer Publishing
W. W. Norton