Three’s Class Experience

Three’s Class
Summer 2014: Discovering how to be a part of our community
Collaboration- empathy,
compassion, altruism, patience,
planning, leadership, hospitality
Research- independence,
Scientific Method, critical
thinking, problem solving,
navigation of technology,
Environment exploration- travel
methods, safety, preparation,
exposure to brand new
What did we see, taste, & hear?
What did we do? Who did we help? Where did we go? Who did we meet?
Visual literacy- attention to detail, focus, spatial
awareness, inference making, alphanumeric
Tactile exploration- cause and effect, texture, shape,
color variance
Olfactory investigation- increased memory recall
Auditory input- comprehensive listening, critical
listening, dialogic listening, appreciative listening
Gustatory identification- evolution of taste buds,
expression of personal preference, respectful
How can we find meaning in everything we have experienced and observed?
What did we touch and smell?
Journaling- memory, summarizing
multi-faceted activities, idea
representation, verbal processing
Creating thank-you notes- gratitude,
word representation, semantics,
letter recognition
Debriefing in group time- selfassurance, social connection, peer
learning, reciprocal conversation
Revisiting materials- skill mastery,
new observations, additional insight
for previous inquiries